Sunday, August 30, 2015

Requiem for an Overseer

Here's another NPC who met his fate at the hands (literally in this case) of one of the player characters.

Barbary Pirates - under the lash

† Tek Bacak (tek bachuk) the Overseer
Barbary Corsair Overseer                  SR 4
PC Image: PC20140801A -564
† DEAD – strangled to death and neck snapped by Norbert Thibeault
Tek Bacak means one leg in Turkish. Bacak was the villainous overseer of the galley on which the pirate and privateer Hippolyte de Bouchard labored under the lash.
Might 2
Brawl 2            Melee 1            Defense -1
Corsair 1          Gaoler 1          
Lifeblood 10    Advantage 1     Retainer 2
Boons: Fearsome Looks (bonus die Intimidation), Thick-Skinned
Flaws: Missing Left Leg (Penalty Die), Ugly & Brutish (hunchedback, squinty eyed),
Protection: 1 point (Thick-Skinned)
Whip: 1d3+2 Dmg, +1 Bind, Disarm; Penalty Die to Target Parry; as garrote +2 Dmg
Dagger: 1d3+2 Dmg; range 5’ when thrown, +1 with Called Shots
Axe: 1d6+2 Dmg; 10’ range increment when thrown, -1 Parry, +1 Bind
Maneuvers: Bladework+1, Brawling+2, Choke+4, Dirty Fighting+2, Disarm+3; Beat+3, Bind+3[4], Grapple+4, Shove/Trip+4; Parry+1[0]; Whip Crack+0 (vs. target’s Daring; Dmg = -1 Composure, Pawns just flee); Thrown Axe+2, Ranged Attack+0



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