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Family de Trebouchard

In Tuesday's post, I mentioned the Trebouchard family. Today I thought I would add information on the family including character sheets.

REMBRANDT Harmenszoon van Rijn D Eon - aramis BW flim paramount bar maid1 musketeer-leather-hat-cavalier-hat

  • Father: Edmonde the Elder (b. 1553)
  • Mother: Katherine le Blondet de Trebouchard (b. 1576)
  • Edmonde – the land, helping his father (b. 1594)
  • Grymonde de Trebouchard – the clergy, off studying (b. 1598)
  • Constance is looking for a good match (b. 1600)
  • Raymonde – the army, as a King's Musketeer (b. 1603)

Edmonde “the Elder” Seigneur de Trebouchard Pater familias      SR 9

Location: Burgundy.

Aging and crotchety, the Seigneur believes that any disappearances are serfs or peasants who have run away from the land to Dijon or Paris. He is a conservative, opposed to these changes in the social order. He dislikes Meunier, the Lt. Governor, but is loyal to the Duke de Bellegarde.

Attempts to Persuade: Drinking with (+1), Entertain (+2), Seduce (+1)

Has a suit of 16th century plate armor, helm, and a broadsword.

Katherine le Blondet de Trebouchard      Mother of the family    SR 9

Location: Burgundy.

Gracious and dignified, Madame de Trebouchard runs the household with a firm hand.

Attempts to Persuade: Gambling (+ 1), Entertain (+ 1), Flatter (+ 1), Seduce (+ 1)

Edmonde Trebouchard, the Younger       Eldest son and Heir      SR 9

Location: Burgundy.

As the eldest son, Edmonde is being groomed to inherit the family lands. He is responsible and seems even older than his actual age.

Attempts to Persuade: Flatter (+ 1), Bribe (+ 1), Trade (+ 1), Pray (+ 1)

He has a rapier and (at the end of the Adventure, a suit of heavy armor captured from a Black Rider). He does not wear a helmet with the armor.

Constance de Trebouchard    Raymonde’s older sister        SR 8

Location: Burgundy.

Constance is pretty, cheerful, and hard working. She is closest to her brother Raymonde – both share an interest in stories and poems, but like her mother, Constance has a keen mind and a good memory.

Constance knew one of the victims and doesn’t believe Jacques he would have run off without a word to his family or fiancé – whom he knew since childhood.

Attempts to Persuade: Gambling (+ 1), Trade (+ 1), Seek Aid (-1), Seduce (+ 1)

Grymonde de Trebouchard   Theology Student        SR 8

Location: Paris Clergy (Theologian)

Grymonde de Trebouchard (b. 1598) is in Paris studying for the Priesthood; he is in his last year at a Benedictine school; Theology Student (SR 6). He takes his studies and vows seriously. He is attending classes in the Latin Quarter but he resides at the Bendictine main abbey: Abbaye de Saint-Germain-des-Prés. After graduation he will be ordained into the priesthood. He has not yet decided whether he will become secular priest or join a priestly order.

Grymonde is a Member of the Bishop's Club in Paris.

Savvy 2       Flair 1

Melee 1        Defense 2

Noble 0        Theologian 2  Scholar 1

Lifeblood 8 Advantage 1   Retainer 3

Languages: French (N), Latin (F), Greek

Boon: Good Etiquette, Learned (academics bonus die)

Flaw: Can't Lie (penalty die), Obligations (Church & Family)

                   Entrance                 Years        Months

Order              Roll     Status    of Study     per Year

Jesuits               9            7             3           6 mo/yr

Benedictines       9            6             4           4 mo/yr

Dominicans       10           5             3           9 mo/yr

Raymonde de Trebouchard   King’s Musketeer SR 8

Location: King’s Musketeer.

Description: Good looking with blond hair and blue eyes. He is impulsive with a dreamy, romantic temperament that makes him absent minded.

Tractability: Impulsive; +1 to persuasion.

Factions: King’s Musketeers, family Trebouchard.

De Trebouchard is a young musketeer from Bourgogne. He is the younger son of the Sieur de Trebouchard, a noble family near Auxerre. He is a typical King’s Musketeer (Retainer 3). He has fine blond hair, blue eyes and wears a blue plume in his black hat. He has a dreamy, artistic personality is very absent minded.

After their humilation in the affair on the Pont Neuf Helias de Cedelhac, Raymonde de Trebouchard, and Léonide de Termopillae sought revenge on Gaston. De Trebouchard challenged Gaston to a duel after Gaston had defeated Cedelhac. Gaston easily defeated and humiliated Trebouchard, breaking his sword, the sword that Termopillae lent him, then disarming him of the sword that Lucien de Bourges lent him, then wounding Trebouchard in the leg. Trebouchard was satisfied that honor was done and became friends with Gaston, a fellow poet who had spared his life. He asked Lucien to carry letters to his family outside of Auxerre when the party went there as part of the Tales of the Black Riders.

He appears in the Musketeer’s Seamstress by Sarah D’Almeida; a young Musketeer who relieved Porthos from guard duty; his Christian name is invented.

Daring 2                 Flair 1                     Melee 2                  Defense 1

Soldier 0                Duelist 2                Poet 1

Lifeblood 8           Advantage 2         Retainer 3

Boons: Military Order: King’s Musketeers, Dueling Style: French,

Flaws: Absent Minded, Active Duty

Rapier: 1d6 Dmg, +1 Parry            Cloak: +1 Feint, Bind

Dagger: 1d3+1 Dmg; 5’ range when thrown, +1 with Called Shots

Cloak: NA; +1 Feint, Bind

Maneuver:           Bladework+4; Bind+2[+3], Feint+3[+4]; Cloak Parry+3, Parry+2[+3], Riposte+2

H+I Raymond Trebouchard Kings musketier-waffenrock-musketeer-tabbard costume

Author: Gaston’s Hat           NPCs in: L'Honneur et les Intrigues (Fic)

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