Adventures for H+I

Book 1: The First Five Tales
Adventure 01: The Hanged Man
Chapter I: Guy is given a Mission
Chapter II: Ambush
Chapter III: Guy gains a Patron

Adventure 02: Parisian Interlude

Adventure 03: The Man Behind the Mask
Chapter II: The King of Thieves
Chapter III: The Road to Florence
Chapter IV: City of the Medici
Chapter V: Coach Chase
Chapter VII: The Lady

Adventure 04: On Guard
Chapter I: Back in Paris
Chapter III: To the Rescue
Chapter VII: Duel to the Death

Adventure 05: Musketeer’s Reward

Book 2: Tales of the Black Riders
Adventure 06: The Dying Messenger
Chapter III: The Letter

Adventure 07: The Duc de Bellegarde's Ball
Chapter II: End of the Ball

Adventure 08:Auxerre and the Black Riders
Chapter III: Arrival in Auxerre
Chapter IV: Rescue
Chapter VII:
Chapter VIII: 
Chapter IX: 

Adventure 09: The Road to Autun
Chapter I: Pursuit
Chapter II: Rescue

Adventure 10:Lyon - Side Missions and Intrigues
Chapter I: La Place du SangChapter II: Escape from la Place du Sang
Chapter III: The Final Secret of La Verdadera Destreza
Chapter IV: The Fortuneteller
Chapter V: A Quiet Walk Home
Chapter VI: The Silver Hedgehog
Chapter VII:
Chapter VIII: Queen of the Beggars
Chapter IX: Of Course You've Heard of Me (Guy Who?)
Chapter X: The Comte d'Ehlerange's Secret & Rollo's Revenge
Chapter XI: High Noon
Chapter XII: Death of Le Boucher
Chapter XIII: Dinner with the Governor & A Duel with Christophe Thévenet
Chapter XIV: Unmasking the Masked Man
Chapter XV: House of Despair
Chapter XVI: Rescue from the Scaffold & Epilogue

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