Sunday, August 9, 2015

Blue Owl Cave

I just got back from a road trip that included some fun gaming. Traveling put me a bit behind on posts.

A recent thread on TheRPGSite asked about how people used maps in their gaming. I use maps quite a bit. I like them and they help people to see a similar scene. They also do a good job of mitigating confusion or disagreement about who is standing next to whom. Because I game via video or audio conference I can't easily sketch a quick map for the players. This leads to more work on my part, but it also means you can benefit from the work I had to do.

A while back the PCs went werewolf hunting. The wolf pack's lair ended up as the location for the final confrontation with the wolves and their leader. I wanted the cave lair to be a natural cave rather than something scribbled on a 10'x10' grid like early D&D. The best place to get something that looks like a map of a real cave is a map of a real cave. I used the map for Blue Owl Cave created by Jon Jasper.


Since I wanted the players' to only see the part of the cave where they were located, I created a bunch of mini-maps for them to use that I could have them view as and when they explored that portion of the cave.

WolfLair_1.jpg            WolfLair_2.jpg     WolfLair_2A.jpg
         Opening                                    Into the cave                                           Alcove 2A
They never did explore the entire cave. But who knows, they may need a cave hideout outside Soissons some day or maybe brigands will use the cave as their lair.

Here are all the mini-maps.

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