Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Manoir de Trebouchard (Trebouchard Manor)

It's a very busy week with health, work, and job search stuff to do. So this is a quick post with a floor plan.

The second long series of adventures for the characters featured a number of locations with pictures and floor plans. For one set of scenes the characters were at the family manor house of a friend from the King's Musketeers, Raymonde de Trebouchard. Read about their arrival here. This was set up as an opportunity for several things to occur. I wanted to
  • create a deeper connection with the Raymonde de Trebouchard,
  • located near the town of Auxerre, an important location for the Black Riders adventure,
  • provide a local base for their investigations into the mysterious Black Riders,
  • give the players a view of the life of a rural minor noble; not the great nobles, but the lesser nobles, who form much of the backbone of the officer class and the mid rank clergy,
  • allow the PCs/players a chance to bond with one or more family members so they would care about them,
  • and then attack the farm house.
Here's a picture of the farm house* today to give you an idea of what it might have looked like in the 17th century.
With minor modifications the handout and pictures can be used for a French farm house from the Early Modern to the present day. Here are download links to a handout with the floor plan and map key.


EDIT: Though it is listed in the handout, I forgot to include a credit here. I try to do that when I have it or can easily find it if I hadn't previously noted it.

* Based on the Le Manoir de Theuran, a manor located in Burgundy close to the valley of the Loire and which dates from the fifteenth century.

RD 200 – Theuran | 58470 - Magny-Cours | Nièvre, France
Images: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Manoir+de+Theuran/@46.8993528,3.1938517,410m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m7!1m4!3m3!1s0x47f051a8607153ad:0x653561f3b9e765dd!2sTheuran,+58470+Magny-Cours,+France!3b1!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0xda74454e4b3f8ab2!6m1!1e1

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