Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hari Ragat Games

Hari Ragat Games is a blog about "Fantasy, science fiction, and role playing games with an Asian twist."

I like this guy’s site because he is focusing on a region that isn’t seen much in US and European gaming—Southeast Asia. Arrows of Indra does the Indian sub-continent pastiche, but games set in Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and such are nearly non-existent. Also, even though there isn’t a lot I can use directly for 1620s France, this guy has some interesting ideas. I mentionws his nice use of seasonal weather and events for his oceanic/island campaign here.

Here I just want to mention one thing...

War Elephants!

I’ve always liked war elephants/ Who doesn't? Hannibal crossing the Alps, Alexander and the Hydaspes River Battle leading to the crazy over the top nature of warfare in the Alexandrian Successor States (crazy-long sarissas, monster siege towers, and giant warships, and of course war elephants), and elephant warfare in India, Cambodia, and Thailand. Tolkien even put elephants in the Lord of the Rings—well Mûmaks, which were bigger ancestors of elephants, though not as ridiculously gargantuan as those silly-ass behemoths Peter Jackson depicted.

So here’s a good blog post about War Elephants. I’ve off-and-on toyed with the idea of having a group of French PCs go to India. Historically the French East India company wasn’t formed until 1664 so this would have to be later in the 17th century or some alt-history. But it is tempting as an alternate location for exploration (or exile) to the typical New France of North America and the Caribbean.

Anyway, if you want to see War Elephants, check out this post.

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