Monday, August 31, 2015

Major and Minor Actions Cheat Sheet

Today is my wife and my anniversary. Happy anniversary sweetie! So I scheduled this post ahead of time. Also, don't be surprised if I don't reply to any comments right away.

One of the aspects about Honor+Intrigue was the way the rules handled dueling. I've talked about that elsewhere. One consequence of way the system handles maneuvers in combat is that there can appear to be a lot of fiddly numbers, especially if you aren't good at memorizing game stuff.

My players range in their interest and ability in memorizing game stuff. And as I get older, frankly so do I. So early in the campaign I created a cheat sheet to avoid having to continually page through the descriptions of the maneuvers. One of my goals for the cheat sheet was to fit all necessary information for all the combat maneuvers on one 8.5x11.0 sheet of paper. Here's what it looks like.