Monday, August 10, 2015

Requeim for a Dandy

One of the recurring villains in my Honor+Intrigue campaign is Adrian Chenevier the Chevalier de Branville. Branville is a courtier and a dandy. Originally he was created as a rival for one of the PCs, Guy de Bourges. Branville is very attractive, has impeccable etiquette, great wealth, and is an accomplished duelist. He also has a bad reputation after ruining the reputations and futures of many young ladies. The players have encountered Branville as a continuing minor obstacle and annoyance. Generally he acts indirectly and his social position, friends, and wealth make him difficult to attack. Branville is always accompanied by one or more of the six courtiers who act as his clients and supporters.

Recently the PCs were in a more direct confrontation in which Branville lost three of his followers. One was killed by a new PC, the Baron de Pleurissy. Two others were defeated by a couple of the PCs (Guy de Bourges and Father Signoret) and, rather than dying, they surrendered. The PCs agreed to let them live if they agreed not to act against the PCs further during this action. I thought those were pretty generous terms and the NPCs were happy to accept. At first.
Their surrender became more complicated when Branville tried to require his two supporters to help him arrest Father Signoret on a charge of attempted murder. The Jesuit argued that their oaths prevented them from helping to arrest him and Branville was unable to do so alone. This caused Branville to berate his followers which caused a breach in their relations. Time will tell whether Branville will be able to use his Good Etiquette or Great Wealth to repair the breach or if the two will seek a new patron.
Here's the dead NPC.

† Hubert Ballou
Dandy & follower of Branville SR 7
PC Image: PC20130531A-289
Location: Paris Fratellanza di Giganti
Ballous is hot-tempered and easily offended. He is diligent, but average duelist and a member of the Fratellanza di Giganti and a student of Sapristi. He wears the Black Tabard. He and Peyrafon are the best duelists amongst Branville’s followers
Ballou is a member of a group of Dandys, supporters and clients of Adrian Chenevier, the Chevalier de Branville. The other members are: Jean-Jacques de Vignon, Martin de la Frassianne, Maurice de Villette, Norbert de Peyrafon, and Vincent Graucher.
Ballou likes cats.
Killed by Baron de Pleurissy (PC) during Adventure 39: The Novice.
Might 0            Daring 1         Flair 2
Brawl -1           Melee 2          Defense 2
Courtier 1        Don Juan 1    Duelist 1
Lifeblood: 8     Advantage: 1    Retainer 3
Boons: Dueling Style: Italian; Manuever Mastery
Flaws: City Dweller, Hot-Headed
Rapier: 1d6 Dmg; Parry +1;
Main gauche: 1d6 Dmg; +1 Bind, Disarm, Swordbreak
Manuevers: Bladework+3, Lunge+3, Swordbreak(+1 dmg), Beat(BD+2), Bind+2, Parry+2[+3], Stop‑Thrust+3+Bonus Die,
Author: Gaston's Hat             
NPC in: L'Honneur et les Intrigues (FIC)

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