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Adventure 06: The Dying Messenger--Chapter III

Chapter III: The Letter

There is a name on the outside of the letter.
Antoine de Loménie, seigneur de Villeauxclercs,

Guy recognizes the name as that of a Royal Minister of long standing. The letter is sealed, but Guy uses a hot knife to open the letter without breaking the seal. (Later he will use a similar technique to reseal the letter.) Inside they can see that the letter is from François de Loménie, Bishop of Marseille to his uncle, Antoine de Loménie, seigneur de Villeauxclercs and Royal minister. The letter mentions three things.

  1. The Bishop is concerned about the mysterious Black Wagons that have been seen near Marseille. He has heard disturbing rumors about these wagons though he does not specify the details of those rumors.
  2. In response to the rumors, the Bishop has sent an agent, Francois Depardieu, to Auxerre to track the wagons and to follow them back to their source and learn their origin. The Bishop will forward updates to his uncle as he receives them from his agent.
  3. The Bishop requests his uncle’s assistance in determining if anything is known at court regarding these Black Wagons.

    The companions decide that before taking their next step, they must learn more about Villeauxclercs and if they are to give the letter to him, they must gain an introduction. Guy suggests that he knows who to contact to get what they need. The day is already brightening with a hint of dawn, so all retire to get what sleep they can.

    After noon on the next day, Guy visits his friend Chancie to tell him about Guy’s encounter with Branville and to learn more about Villeauxclercs. Chancie tells him that not only is Antoine de Loménie a Royal Minister but so is his son Henri-Auguste, in fact Henri-Auguste is one of Louis XIII’s courtiers and the Secretary of the Navy. Clearly an introduction will be required, thinks Guy. Fortunately Chancie is both willing and able to provide one.

    With the introduction performed, Guy and Father Signoret give the letter to Minister Villeauxclercs, The Minister tells them to come to his home, the Hôtel de Loménies, after 10:30PM that night. Late that night Guy and Father Signoret go to the Hôtel de Loménies where they find both Minister Villeauxclercs and his son, Henri-Auguste de Loménie, courtier of Louis XIII, a court minister, and secretary of the Navy. They examine the message and tell Guy to summon the others who were present. Guy goes to round up Lucien, Gaston, and Fabre. Meanwhile, Father Signoret chats with the Ministers.

    The heroes gather at the Hôtel de Loménie around midnight. The de Loménies thank the PCs for delivering the message and ask about the fate of the messenger. As a follow up to what they have learned, the de Loménies recruit the PCs to investigate these mysterious Black Riders and Black Wagons. The de Loménies use their status and rank both to ‘persuade’ the PCs to their service as wall as to to facilitate any necessary leaves, directly for Lucien and Gaston, or indirectly via their relative the Bishop of Marseille for Father Gaétan. The ministers make riding horses available to the PCs and provide the PCs with 50L each in traveling expense money. As they leave, the senior de Loménie says “We will be most grateful for your efforts, Monsieurs.” Which makes it sound like there will be further rewards upon their success.

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