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Requiem for the Chevalier de Monbeugny

During the last session there were a couple of NPC deaths and one near death. Previously I mention the fate of Gaston's enemy, Don Martin. But he was not the only NPC casualty. In an earlier encounter, Gaston and several of the Cardinal's Guards apprehended the Guy de Bourges old foe, the Baron Saint-Giron, on a charge of treason. His apprehension was resisted by two of Saint-Giron's men. The Chevalier de Montbeugny Monsieur de Frugereix. During the ensuing pursuit and melee Montbeugny was killed by Rémy Janvier, one of the guards and an NPC who was being run by a player whose character wasn't present for the arrest. Montbeugny and Frugereix were part of the original group of four that included the two brothers Villemorin. Monsieur Frugereix is now the only one of the four still left alive. Being an enemy of the PCs is not all that conducive to long term health.

Alfred Reynaud

Chevalier de Montbeugny andv Ensign in the Gendarmes of France du Condé        (SR 9)
Location: Petit Nobility (Lesser Noble) of Paris
Faction: Prince de Condé
Description: Reynaud affects a serious expression and the fashions of the last century in hair and beard. His eyes are dark and penetrating.
Personality: A weasely political animal who toadies to those of higher status or power. He has no honor. He is impressed with his own family history and “blood” and tends to overestimate his importance.
Motivation: Be seen with the high and mighty
Background: Alfred Reynaud Chevallier de Montbeugny is an ensign in the Gendarmes of France, company du Condé commanded by Quennel Baron St. Giron. Alfred is somewhat weasely and inexperienced as a soldier; his family bought his commission. He is a political animal who toadies to those with higher status or greater power; possessing little true honor he is always willing to carry out the wishes of his superiors. He was first encountered lurking (with Marcel Chretien du Frugerix and Paul and Remy Villemorin) outside Guy de Bourges apartment in the Adventure 4.3: On Guard--To the Rescue; he was defeated by Lucien de Bourges. He was killed during the apprehension of his patron, the Baron Saint-Giron (Adventure 39.11: Monsieur LeDroit's Secret--Mont Parnasse.
The Chevalier did not belong to any clubs.

Daring 1                   Flair 1
Melee 1                    Defense 1
Aristocrat 1              Duelist 1                  Soldier 0
Lifeblood 8              Advantage 1             Retainer 2

Boons: Dueling Style: Cavalry; Maneuver Mastery;
: Arrogant, Lust
Saber 1d6 Dmg, +1 dmg to Quick Cut
Main Gauche 1d6-1 +1 Bind, Disarm, Sword Break
Maneuvers: Bladework+2, Brawling+1, Disarm+1, Glide+2, Moulinet+0, Quickcut+2 (Bonus die on 1st attack); Feint+2; Dodge, Parry+1, Riposte+1

Author: Gaston's Hat              NPC in: L'Honneur et les Intrigues (Fic)
Picture is actually of Gilles de Rais who fought with Joan d’Arc.

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