Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bonus NPC of the Week: Eric Comeaux

Here's the first Bonus NPC. He first shows up in Adventure 9: The Road to Autun - Chapter II.

Eric Comeaux

Wealthy Silk Merchant    SR 5

Location: Lyon.

Background: Eric Comeaux is a Wealthy Silk Merchant from Lyon. He inherited his wealth from his father who built up the business. In Lyon, he employs many canuts (silk weavers). He likes traveling and learning about new places, but it is yet to be seen whether he will succeed at running the business on his own.

He was first encountered traveling in a nice carriage with a driver and 2 Guards on his way to Troyes in Champagne to set up a new trading arrangement with a Merchant there who trades in Flanders lace.

When traveling he has three retainers.
  • Dupont his Driver (Savvy 1, Servant 1) a Lyonnais who is armed with a whip. Dupont is a Competence 3 Pawn.
  • Arturo an young Italian mercenary who acts as both guard and valet - Average Pawn; (Might 1, Ranged 1, Soldier 0) armed with a hanger sword & musketoon (short musket).
  • Beaucimou an older Lyonnais who acts as both guard and porter – Average Pawn;  (Might 1, Ranged 1, Soldier 0) armed with a hanger sword & musketoon.
Daring -1    Savvy 1    Flair 1
Brawl -1    Melee -1    Defense 3
Merchant 0    Traveler 1
Lifeblood 8    Composure 3    Advantage 1    Retainer 1
Languages: French (N), Italian (F)
Boons: Great Wealth
Flaws: Soft-Hearted (Penalty Die whenever you do something unkind, such as trying to kill an enemy. When your soft-heartedness gets you into trouble you gain a Fortune Point)
   Dagger: 1d3+1 5’ range increment when thrown, +1 with Called Shots
   Mazzagatto*: 1d6+1 Dmg; 10’ range; reload 3MA; misfire 2-3
Maneuvers: Bladework-2, Quickcut+0; Footwork+0; Dodge, Parry+0; Ranged Attack+1

Equipment: Fine coach, ledger books, pen, ink, paper, and wax, seal ring, purse of money, locked chest with more money and trade documents, silk samples, dagger, mazzagato pistol.
* A mazzagatto is a small flintlock pistol; it may only be used at Close or Short range. It may be hidden up a sleeve, in the lip of a boot, in a pocket, etc.

Author: Gaston’s Hat    NPC in: L'Honneur et les Intrigues (Fic)

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