Thursday, January 21, 2016

NPC of the Week: Baron de Gorcy

(I had a longer introduction but something I did while editing zapped it. So here's shorter intro.)

I have a lot of NPCs in my campaign. Over six hundred with pictures and stats and such. Giving most NPCs pictures is new for me. But the historical setting in the early modern period makes it much easier to find usable pictures. Many of historical figures had there portraits down. Often by artistic geniuses like Velazquez and Rembrandt. So I use their art. There are also a host of pictures available from various media - movies and TV shows about Musketeers, Highwaymen, and Pirates abound and provide another rich source of depictions.

Putting a face to the NPC helps me to remember them and personalize them. I hope it also helps my players feel like they are interacting with real people. Well real in the same sense that their PCs are real people. I've shared some of the dead NPCs in the various In Memorium posts, but I thought I'd share a few of the live ones as well. So here's the first.

Herbert Deville Baron de Gorcy

Sword Noble and Town Governor of Autun    (SR 10)

Location: Autun, Province of Burgundy
Background: The Town Governor is Herbert Deville Baron de Gorcy (SR 10). He reports to the second lieutenant governor of the Province of Burgundy (Burgogne), Noel Meunier Baron de Fressain who commands the Autonois, the Auxerrois, and the Auxois. The lieutenant governor reports directly to the Provincial Governor, the Duke de Bellegarde. The lieutenant governor has never visited Autun.

Gorcy is a former soldier in the Duke de Bellegarde's Gendarme cavalry and a current client of the Duke de Bellegarde; his position is a patronage position. Wounded during the Religious Wars, Gorcy has a bad limp.

The Baron de Gorcy has a manor house and farm outside of town (Manoir de Gorcy) which has two fine stables and many horses.

The Baron was first encountered in Adventure 09: The Road to Autun- Chapter I, by Guy, Lucien, Signoret, and Gaston. They suspect the Baron of involvement with the infamous Black Riders, but they have no proof.
•    Snoring (Gorcy snores very, very loudly)

Might 1     Daring 2     Savvy 1
Melee 2     Defense 1
Soldier 1    Duelist 0    Official 0
Lifeblood 9     Composure    Advantage 1    Retainer 3
Boons: Daredevil; Flaws: Bad Leg – Limp/slow movement
  Broadsword: 1d6+2 Dmg; +1 Beat
  Dagger: 1d3+2 Dmg; 5’ range when thrown, +1 with Called Shots;
Maneuvers: Bladework+4, Hilt-Punch(BD+3); Shove/Trip(BD+3); Riposte+3, Parry+3

Author: Gaston’s Hat        NPC in: L'Honneur et les Intrigues (Fictional)

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