Friday, January 29, 2016

Bonus NPC of the Week: Father Sean O'Kelly


Father Sean O'Kelly

Jesuit Priest & former soldier  (SR 5)

Location: Jesuit College of Lyon.

Father Sean O'Kelly is a Jesuit priest and former soldier now teaching at a Jesuit school.

Fr. O'Kelly sees Fr. Gaétan Signoret as a protégé for whom he hopes the best. Gaétan impressed O'Kelly with his devotion to the church (a Clergy career roll) and his orderly lifestyle. 

Although O'Kelly has put aside his former life as a soldier and has taken a vow never to kill again, he agreed to hone Gaétan's skill with the sword and eventually taught him the Final Secret of the Spanish sstyle – The Unmoving Wall of Steel

After Gaétan Signoret left Lyon, he and O'Kelly continued their friendship. They frequently correspond about the difficulty of balancing religion and the sword.

Daring 2                  Savvy 1                    Flair 2
Melee 3                   Defense 1
Duelist 2                  Soldier 1                  Clergy 1
Lifeblood 8              Composure 3           Advantage 3            Retainer 4+
Languages: Irish (N), French (F), Latin, Spanish

Boons: Beguiling, Dueling Style (Spanish);
Flaws: Obligation (Society of Jesus), Moral Code (will not kill)

Rapier: 1d6 Dmg, +1 Parry                                

Maneuvers: Bladework+5, Quick Cut BD+5, Tag BD+5; Footwork BD+4; Dodge, Parry+4[5], Riposte+4,

Spanish Style: May spend 1 FP for +2 Dodge vs. Melee attacks
Mastery Spanish Style: Final Secret – Unmoving Steel Wall – stand without retreating; may spend 1 FP for an extra parry.

Author: Gaston's Hat             NPC in: L'Honneur et les Intrigues (Fic)

Note the pictures are from the episode Sharpe's Sword from the entertaining Sharpe series with Sean Bean. The pictures used for Father O'Kelly are of a sword wielding priest Father Curtis (played by John Kavanagh).

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