Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NPC of the Week: Antonio Lucalla

Today's NPC of the week started out as a minor minion with no expectation that he would survive his first encounter with the PCs. But his surrender impressed Guy de Bourges who let him live and came to like Lucalla. He's since appeared a few more times.

Antonio Lucalla

Italian Sword for Hire            (SR 4)

Motivation: Survive and Get Paid

Location: Commoner of Paris

Pesonality: Lucalla is arrogant having a high opinion of himself and of Italians in general. He finds Italian fencing, culture, and wit to be superior to that of any other culture. Despite this he has a cheerful disposition and faces either success or failure with equanimity.

First encountered in Adventure 01: The Hanged Man: Guy de Bourges ran Lucalla thru on the first thrust nearly killing him. Afterwards Guy bound his wound and cleverly questioned him to learn his employer was the Holy See in Rome. Guy then bought a bottle of cheap wine and told the innkeeper to care for Lucalla – who bore no grudge, seeing Guy as a “skilled and courteous fellow professional.”

After his failure in the Hanged Man, Lucalla left the Papal States and remains at large in France or Savoy. After Adventure 10: Lyon – Side Missions and Intrigues, wherein he was the nearly killed to silence him and his then mistress, Anne Corday, was kidnapped and tortured, Lucalla left Lyon and traveled with Guy de Bourges back to Paris. After the events in Lyon, Lucalla has found that he is now attracted to the lovely female Musketeer, Cécile Lisette de Chretien.

Might 1                   Daring 2                 
Melee 2                   Defense 1

Duelist 2                  Mercenary 1

Lifeblood 10            Advantage 1                         Retainer 3

: French, Italian (N)
oons: Hard-to-Kill, Maneuver Mastery
ws: Arrogant, Drunkard
         Rapier: 1d6 Dmg; +1 Parry                      
         Purse: Wealth 3
Actions: Bladework+4, Lunge+4, Quick Cut,+2; Feint+2, Dodge, Parry+2, Riposte+2

Author: Gaston's Hat              NPC in: L'Honneur et les Intrigues (Fic)

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