Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Map of the Week (or maybe of the Month)

Floor Plan: La Place du Sang

Here's a two level floor plan for a courtyard in Lyon that I created back in 2013, just about 3 years ago. It was for the first big action scene the PCs had in the city of Lyon. Because Lyon has a lot of odd stairs and passages  made the place multi-level with three exits with at least one exit on each level. 

There are two exits on the lower level.

  • Exit (1) is an alley that leads from a main street to this small, private courtyard. 
  • Exit (2) is a tunnel passage sporadically lit by a couple of torches. The passage eventually connects to a public street. 

The Ground Level map includes markers for NPCs.at the start of the action when the PCs enter the courtyard.
  • SW1 and SW2 are standard H+I Retainer-2 Swordsmen. 
  • S1, S2, S3, and S4 are standard H+I Average (Competence-2) Pawn Hired Swords.
  • D is the defender who is outnumbered by 4 opponents: SW1, S1, S2, S3. 
  • MN is the masked man (or masked noble) flanking him are SW2 and S4.

The courtyard is ringed by an upper story balcony. A narrow winding stair leads from the courtyard up to the balcony. Inside the courtyard are an empty cart, a stack of barrels, and a vine covered trellis leading up to a second floor balcony.The doors on both levels lead to private homes or the rear of shops. Many if not most doors will be barred or locked to keep out casual thieves.


  • Exit (3) is a passage from the balcony that eventually leads to a stair down to a public alley and to a concealed escape route from the Silver Hedgehog Tavern. (The Silver Hedgehog is a major gathering place for the Lyon underworld.)

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