Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Yet More on the Wild, Wild East: Russian Military History

I recently happened upon this blog on Russian Military History which I've added to my What's Under the Hat blog list.

Geographically Russia is far from France and AFAIK the cultural connections postdate the 1620 period I'm primarily focused on - though cultural connections between France and Russia would fit an 18th century campaign quite nicely and we all know the 1812 connection between the two countries.

Here's a recent post on French Infantry at the start of the reign of Louis XIV, though given the king's age in 1643 one might more accurately say at the end of the reign of Louis XIII.

The blog also includes chronological tags which make it easy to pick out periods that fit the time frame of one's setting. Here are three that fit nicely with my campaign interests.
  • 1618-48 30-Years War (17)
  • 1621-59 War in Flandres (8)
  • 1628-31 War of Mantuan Succession (2)

And of course the information on Russian Military History would be vital for anyone wanting to use a Wild, Wild East setting.

Check out Oderint Dum Probent.

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