Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Floor Plan for Zaton's Eatery

The red building is where I located Zaton's Eatery

In my Friday Fiction post last week, I quoted a section from Stanley J. Weyman's novel, Under the Red Robe that begins in a place in Paris called Zaton's Eatery. As a follow up to that post and as a prequel to my session write up for the adventure inspired by Weyman's opening to Under the Red Robe, here is the floor plan I created for Zaton's.

Courtyard: Storm doors and ramp down to Zaton’s cellar, empty wine barrels, water trough, crates, wooden locker with brooms, rusty rake, and dirty aprons.

Ground Floor: Most of the ground floor rooms have large windows with wooden shutters.
1.    Entrance Hall—lower right with wardrobes, door with bar on the inside, stair to upper floor along top wall
2.    Privy—is a 3-holer leading to a cesspit in the cellar.
3.    Small Dining Room— 4 tables and fireplace; mirror on long interior wall.
4.    Lounge—3 tables plus seating at the bar.
5.    Bar—5 stools and pass-through to kitchen.
6.    Kitchen.
7.   Large Dining Room—8 tables and fireplace, stair to Upper Level Balcony and Private Rooms #9 and #10.
8.    Door with stair to basement.

Upper Floor: Private dining or gaming rooms.
9.     Private Room for dining and gaming room.
10.  Private Room with bar for dining and gaming.

Cellar: Ramp up to courtyard for delivery of wine barrels; stair up to door in Dining Room #7, barrel rack; various crates and boxes, cesspit from Privy #2.

Staff: Kazimir Zaton the Proprieter of Zaton’s Eatery (SR 4), (3) Bartenders, Lily and various other Tavern Maids, Hurtaly the Head Bouncer, and (4) other Bouncers.

EDIT: I think I chopped and edited an existing floor plan to create Zaton's, but I can't find an original in my Floor Plan folder nor did a Google Image search turn up the original. If you created the original, THANKS! And please comment so I can give you credit.

Zaton's PDF

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