Monday, January 9, 2017

Regency Romances: Bestiary

In addition to creating setting specific rules, Robin and Sean also included a couple of posts for a Regency Bestiary to describe and stat out some of the typical characters one might seen in a Jane Austen novel or Regency Romance: ladies first, then the gentlemen. To some extent H+I already did that with some of the careers, boons, and flaws, as well as a few of the sample character templates and NPC write ups. 


Keeping in mind that heroes in H+I have 4 starting careers, so a Blue Stocking lady could have the Scholar or Academic career without any expectation that she is necessarily teaching at Oxford, though she might be a tutor for the children of a remote, brooding, and attractive widower. the following careers seem well suited to a character in a Regency Setting.

Artist/Poet, Gambler, Clergy, Official, Duelist/Pugilist, Explorer/Traveler, Noble/Aristocrat/Courtier, Physician/Surgeon, Sailor/Pirate, Scholar/Academic, Servant/Housekeeper, Soldier, Spy, Temptress/Don Juan, Hunter.

PC Templates

Since H+I is focused on swashbuckling action, most templates have some combat capability. In a Regency Romance this may be inappropriate to some characters or even nearly or completely irrelevant to the entire campaign. Templates that may fit a bit better than average are the Cleric, Dangerous Beauty, and Fop; although in a Jane Austen style setting, one might want to switch Poisoner to a different Boon for the Dangerous Beauty.


Many of the sample NPCs will be useful in a romantic setting.
Pawns: Angry Mob, Bandits, Hangers-On, Royal Guard, Sailors/Pirates, Soldiers/Guards, Tavern Brawlers, Thieves.

Retainers: Army/Guard Lieutenant, Bandit Leader, Naval Officer, Nun/Priest/Preacher, Pirate Officer, Ship's Bosun, Swordsman.

Also appropriate are the Pawns in my D10 Random Courtier Table.

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