Sunday, January 1, 2017

Requiem for Two Gangs of Hirelings

In my last post, I highlighted the villain, Frederick Bolmer. Here are some of the deceased henchmen that were hired by  Bolmer in his final and fatal attempts to kidnap the beautiful Beatrijs van Tilborgh.

These men are mercenaries who were hired in Flanders and France  by Jonathan Blaine to carry out Bolmer's latest kidnap plans. Blaine was one of the few survivors.

Next are several local toughs from Orléans who Bolmer hired, through Blaine, to support his final kidnapping plan at the Maid of Orléans inn. Bolmer was a very clever opponent with a high Savvy so I tried to include feints and strategy as part of his plans.

Leader “Hache”
Might 2   Brawl 1   Melee 2   Defense -1
Sailor 2   Lifeblood 10          Retainer 2
Fearsome Looks, Ugly & Brutish, Thick-Skinned
Protection 1 Thick Skin
2H Axe 1d6+4 Dmg, +1 Bind. -2 Parry
Maneuvers: Bladework+2, Brawling+1, Choke+3, Moulinet+3; Bind+4[5], Grapple+3; Parry+2[0]

(8) Thugs
Might 1   Melee 1   Ruffian 0   Pawn 2
Axe/Club/Cleaver/Rusty Sword 1d6+1 Dmg
Maneuvers: Bladework+1; Grapple+1

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