Monday, August 22, 2016

Shadows - a new monster for Honor+Intrigue

I happened across a post on Aeons & Auguries about More Holmes Era Monsters. While reading the post, I was inspired to create a version of Shadows for Honor+Intrigue. I thought about holding this back until after my players encountered them, but I don't know how soon that will be and some extra incentive for my players to read my blog may not be a bad thing. And at least it will boost traffic. :-}

I liked the idea that J.D. Jarvis mentioned of Shadows being part of an invasion force for a ShadowKing from another realm, so I added that in. Its vague enough to be ignored at first and then added in as play develops. This allows for the layers of an onion that good Call of Cthulhu adventures provide along with the flexibility to decide on key details later.

Here is my version for Honor+Intrigue.


New Monster for H+I

Might -1         Savvy 1         Terror 2          Unlife: 10

Vulnerability: Shadows can be damaged by magic, silver, fire, or bright light equal to the noon day sun. Shadows cannot manifest in bright daylight or in any light equivalent to the noon day sun. If prevented from fleeing to a place of darkness Shadows take 1d3 points of damage per round from bright light.
Protection: Immune to normal weapons; vulnerable to fire, bright light, silver, or magic.
Insubstantial: for silver or fire damage roll 1d6 if the roll is even they take damage, odd they do not.
Shadows Dance: Treat all shadows as if they have mastered the Dodge maneuver.
Shadows Gather: the power of Shadows grows with their numbers. Shadows can combine actions like pawns to boost their attacks. In addition any damage is proportionally distributed amongst all available, engaged Shadows.
Chilling Touch+2 attack: Damage 1d3, ignores 2 points of armor, if blow penetrates armor, roll Terror vs. target’s Might: success drains 1 Might; if target’s Might < -1 character lapses into a coma and special measures are necessary to recover. For every 2 days of complete rest and special measures, make a Might roll, success heals +1 Might.
Secret Knowledge: Shadows are an invasion force for a ShadowKing from another realm. When first met they will seem random and purposeless, but over time the presence of motives and organization will become apparent and should make them even more mysterious and frightening.

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