Monday, August 29, 2016

Neighborhoods of Orléans (revised)

In yesterday's post I discussed the process of creating neighborhoods for the city of Orléans. Here's a revised version of the neighborhoods of Orléans. I think the colors are easier to distinguish in this version and I included the bridge in the Les Tournelles neighborhood. I also added in two suburb neighborhoods: the Mottes (the island in the middle of the Loire beneath the middle of the bridge) and the Fauxbourg Saint Vincent. The eastern motte looks like an orchard so I decided that the open country chart from Flashing Blades would be useful. It also would be useful for the suburb of Saint Vincent north of the city.

I'll follow up with another post that adds in travel times, shortcuts, finding addresses, and getting lost and unlost. Until then, here are the Encounter charts for the two suburban neighborhoods. 

Fauxbourg-Saint-Vincent (roll 1D6)
   1-3       Roll Encounter in Open Countryside
     4         Roll Encounter at a Residential Neighborhood
   5-6       Roll Encounter at a Gate
The Mottes (roll 1D6)
   1-4       Roll Encounter in Open Countryside
     5         Roll Encounter at a Residential Neighborhood
     6         Roll on Dock Side table

  D20      Encounter in Open Country
         1            Peasant
         2            1D6 Peasants
         3            2 Peasants and a horse
         4            A Gentleman
         5            A Gentleman an horseback
         6            1D6 Gentlemen in a carriage
         7            A Nobleman and 2 Servants in a carriage (a possible Patron)
         8            1D6 Farmers
         9            A Country Squire (a possible Patron)
      10            A Herd of Cattle
      11            1D6 Bandits
      12            1D6 Gentlemen with a broken-down Carriage
      13            1D6 Soldiers (from a random regiment)
      14            1D6 Cavalrymen (from a random regiment)
      15            A travelling Monk an a mule
      16            A Farmer with a horse and Plow
      17            2D6 Travelling Entertainers
      18            A Workgang of 2D6 Peasants
      19            1D6 Townsmen from the nearest town
      20            A Hunting Party of 1D6 Gentlemen with 1D6 Servants

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