Friday, August 19, 2016

Requiem for a German Swordsman: Gunnar Haas

In Saturday night's session, two of the PCs (Guy de Bourges and Father Signoret) along with a trusted companion retainer (Mel) attacked a guard room of 5 average pawn hired swords led by a Retainer 3 duelist. Guy is a skilled combatant and Father Signoret, the dueling Jesuit, is one of the best blades in Paris. The players were rolling about average while I rolled below average, sometimes far below average, so the combat was a pretty easy one. During the first melee they killed Gunnar Haas. After the second melee, there was only a single Pawn left standing. 

On the other hand, they waltzed right into the gas trap in the next room which left us with a nice serial style cliff hanger.

Gunnar Haas

German Swordsman              SR 4
Location: Paris, Alchemist’s Lair in Sewers
Motivation: Greed
Appearance: Bald, short and wiry, with a long, waxed mustache

Roleplaying: Hard-bitten and professional

Background: Served throughout the Germanys as a mercenary and sell-sword.

Daring 2              Savvy 1                Flair 1
Melee 2               Ranged 1              Defense 2
Mercenary 1        Swordsman 2
Lifeblood 8          Composure 3       Advantage 1        Retainer
Languages: German (N), French

Boon: French Dueling Style
Flaws: Greedy
Rapier 1d6 Dmg, +1 Parry
Cloak +1 Feint, Bind
Parrying Dagger 1d3 Dmg; +1 Bind, 1d6+1 Dmg with Swordbreak
(1) Wheellock Pistol: 1d6+1 Dmg;

Maneuvers: Bladework+4, Brawling+2, Dirty Fighting+1, Disarm+2, Glide+3, Lunge+4, Quick Cut+3, Tag+3; Feint+3[4], Footwork+3; Cloak Parry+3, Dodge, Parry+3[4], Riposte+3; Ranged Attack+2

French Style: spend 1FP for +2 to resist Melee that doesn’t target Defense.

Equipment: Rapier, Parrying Dagger, Cloak & Hat, (1) Belt Pistol

Author: Gaston's Hat     NPC in: L'Honneur et les Intrigues (Fiction)

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