Sunday, August 21, 2016

Requiem for a Doppelsöldner

Of late, my players have been particularly hard on the German lieutenants of the Villain. Last night saw another one bite the dust. Though the combat rather surprisingly kept the 2 PCs (we were short a player) busy and challenged. Though they didn't take damage, they both had to yield a lot of advantage and spend Fortune Points to create near misses and such. So Otto, who was hired to beef up the minion ranks when the PCs wiped out a bunch of the rank and file pawns, ended up dead. The alchemist's lab is in shambles, the alchemist is on the run, and the players are in the process of deciding which stuff to haul away or destroy.

Otto is better than a standard Retainer 3. He 2 extra boons and has mastered 2 extra maneuvers. The rules don't mention making retainers tougher than level 3, but sometimes I do it anyway.

So here's Otto...
Illustration of a Suisses lansquenet (Swiss Landsknecht)  from Le Fouduroy


Doppelsöldner                      SR 4

Location: Paris, Old Inn Court
Factions: DeMainz
Description: Tall, heavy, with a full beard; he floppy hat, steel cuirass, heavy leather gloves, and colorful pantaloons.
Personality: Professional, but jovial soldier.
Background: The so-called “Double Soldiers” get their name because they command twice the pay of most mercenary troops—and tend to live half as long. They are used to defend artillery and attack pikemen. They are armed with greatswords (Zweihänders) to cut enemy pikes. *They add their Soldier Career to any roll to resist fear, and even if they lose all Composure to fear, can regain their Composure in the normal manner.
Might 2               Daring 2*              Flair -1
Brawl 1               Melee 3                 Ranged -1              Defense 1
Ruffian 0             Swordsman 1        Soldier 2*
Lifeblood 12     Composure 3         Advantage 1          Retainer
Languages: German (N), French
Boons: Armor Familiarity, Dueling (Zweihänder), Hard to Kill, Military Order (Doppelsöldner)
Flaws: Greedy, Illiterate
Protection: 1d6 Heavy Armor
Zweihänder: 1d6+4 Damage, -1 Parry, +1 Moulinet
Stiletto: 1d3+4 Damage; Ignores 2 Protection, +1 Called shot
Punch: 1d3+2 Dmg, (heavy gloves)
Maneuvers: Bladework+5; Brawling+3, Choke+3, Dirty Fighting+0, Disarm+5, Hilt Punch+5, Lunge+5, Moulinet+4[5], Swordbreak; Beat+5, Bind+5, Footwork+3, Grapple+3, Shove/Trip(BD+3); Dodge, Parry+3[2]; Riposte+3, Stop-Thrust+5,
The Old Style: The ferocity of the Old Style enables the swordsman to remain conscious at 0 Lifeblood.

Author: Gaston's Hat   NPC in: L'Honneur et les Intrigues (Fiction)

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