Saturday, August 13, 2016

Paris musée de l'Armée or Not those Three Musketeers

I'm still on the road so this will have to be a short post.
 Three Musketeers on horseback before the plan of a walled city

No, it's not those Three Musketeers. But this is a depiction of the real D'Artagnan.

Charles Boatz Castelmore, comte d'Artagnan, Captain-lieutenant of the first company of Musketeers of the King

These and other images can be found at the Paris musée de l'Armée. I had to fiddle around a bit to search for relevant (for me) images, Just to get you started, here is a link to a set of images pertinent to a 17th century setting.

Paris musée de l'Armée

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