Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pike & Shotte - Miniatures

I came across the website for Warlord Games. They have a nice collection of rules, information booklets, and historical miniatures, The ones from their Pike & Shotte series is just right for Early Modern campaigns. Minis come in both metal and plastic.

It's probably a good thing that I am very low on cash now or I'd be very, very tempted to drop a couple hundred bucks on minis...which I would then have to paint...which would require buying new paints and such and a huge amount of time. It's been nearly 20 years since I've painted any miniatures. Gaming via Skype really decreases the utility of miniatures and the fun of picking them up, showing them off,  etc. Also I find that painting is a lot more fun when done with a friend. Talking passes the time, you can share paints, and its fun to have someone else to bounce ideas off of for color choices and painting schemes. The friend I used to paint with the most died a young and untimely death - which sucked in a lot of ways. Since then my enthusiasm for painting has lessened. My wife isn't interested nor available to paint with so painting is really a nonstarter. But still I am oh so tempted.

And some of the miniatures really make difficult to refuse. All things considered, I suppose it's fortunate that there aren't sets of King's Musketeers or Cardinal's Guards to push me over the edge. But I did find more than a few miniatures that seem like they would make good figures for PCs. They even have figures with pitchfork and torch. Something every good monster hunter campaign can't do without.

Sadly they don't have painted models to admire for these two.

And what swashbuckler doesn't want to jump on a Coach?

The top opens up to show the inside - how cool is that?
And they even have Cardinal Richelieu and some unnamed guy in an iron mask. I wonder where they got that idea from?

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