Thursday, February 9, 2017

2d6 Table for River Boat Contents

Toue are a type of river boat used on the Loire. They vary in size, the largest seem to be able to carry about 20 people. 

The PCs have used these type of boats several times during the Orleans sessions and in one session they were the focus as the PCs were trying to blockade and interdict the Loire river. The villains were sending troops and supplies (a small army really) and this is a table I cooked up to determine what was in any given supply boat that the players captured or burned. Notice that burning will suddenly become interesting if an "8" is rolled on the table. A few hundred pounds of powder and shot and a fireboat mix catastrophically well.

2d6      Supply Boat Contents
   2       Tents, tack, harnesses
   3       Clothing
   4       Wagons & carts
   5       Hay and Fodder
   6       Horses
   7       Foodstuffs
   8       Powder & shot
   9       Camp followers
  10      Polearms, swords, tools
  11      Muskets
  12      Artillery

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