Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Oderint dum probent is a blog about Russian Military History. The February 3rd post includes this map which, according to the blog writer (and as near as I can determine using online translation), is a map of Kiev "Upper Town" built in 1654 at St. Michael's Mount. The drawing is either from 1654-58 or 1669-1673. On the map is marked "okolnichy yard." Okolnichy is a type or rank of governor or administrator. In 1656-58 the commander in Kiev appointed okolnichy Andrei Vasilievich Buturlin, and in 1669-1673 - Gregory Afanasevicha Kozlovsky.
The map is conveniently oriented to the cardinal points, close to the standard (i.e. the north is at the top). In my experience with 17th century maps this is unusual. Most maps from that period choose (for no apparent reason) some other orientation.  
St. Michael's Cathedral on the map is identified clearly and unmistakably.  
I've added this map to my file for Russia. Should the PCs ever get that far east I now have a handy town map. And for those that like the idea of a campaign in the Wild Wild East, Kiev would make a great civilized starting place.

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