Monday, February 13, 2017

Paris Locations: The Place Maubert

Detail from the 1615 Merian Plan of Paris

Place Maubert is a triangular market square that has served the Latin Quarter of the Left Bank for nearly seventy-five years. Formerly the Palu market on the Île de la Cité, it was moved to the Place Maubert in 1547. The market is a rendezvous for students from the various colleges and discussions of theology and philosophy may often be overheard among the farmers and merchants hawking their goods.
Prior to its use as a market square, the Place Maubert served as the site of executions of heretics ordered by the Bishop of Paris.
Watercolor (artist unknown).

The watercolor is from a later period, perhaps it is fin de siècle. But despite the anachronism it gives a nice view of the tall buildings and the church which just might be Notre Dame.

Here are two maps I created for the secret rocket plans adventure

The first map shows the awning covers while the second version displays the goods and other objects beneath. The two maps are based on the Medieval Market from DramaScape. DramaScape has some useful maps and they frequently run pricing specials and even sometimes a free promotional item. If you want tactical maps you could do a lot worse.

Starting with the DramaScape map, I did a bit of manipulating to make the market larger and triangular. The fountain is from some other image and clearly doesn't match the rest of the artwork. But then I never claimed to be a professional artist...or an artist.

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