Monday, September 5, 2016

Breeds and Types of Horses for Honor+Intrigue

Cheval Comtois

Right up front, I'm not a horse person. My knowledge comes from books, TV and movies, and the watching the occasional horses race or equestrian competition. But if any readers are more knowledgeable, I'm happy to learn something.

When I first started my Honor+Intrigue campaign, I got a lot of supporting material from the Black Vulmea's Ballet de l'Acier obsidian portal pages. He included item entries for a number of horse breeds which I used. This sort of differentiation adds color (literally) and variety to the setting. I wanted that variation to include stat variation for horses by breed and type for use in H+I.

Breed and Types of Horses for H+I

Base Cost for a Fair Quality Horse

Draft Horse                                    100 L
Riding Horse                                  160 L
Cavalry Horse                                200 L

For lower or higher Quality horses, multiply the base cost times the multiplier for the Breed and Quality in the table above.

And what would a post on different kinds of horses be without some random tables for breed of horse. These are the tables I use by default and they are based on Paris and its environs. Tables should be adjusted for other countries or specific regions.

And from a previous post, here is information about horse survival and random travel events.


  1. Whoa whoa! Slow down! This is something like the fifth good article in a week and I haven't had time to absorb any of them. Take a few days for the rest of us to catch up. :)

  2. Thanks Tom.

    I've been thinking about posting some adventure right ups. I'm not sure anybody but me reads those when posted here. If I do, that may give you some days to catch up. :-)