Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Troupe of Players: Binet’s Theater Troupe

Yesterday's post was about a Paris Theater. Today's will focus on a small troupe of players of the sort who might have, or would aspire to have, a chance to play in the Hôtel de Bourgogne.

Characters from the Commedia dell'arte

The player of Norbert (we'll designate her Player C) who is one of the PCs in my H+I campaign decided that Norbert wanted to try a career on stage. He was already a performer of sorts:  strongman, juggler, and he had a performing rat named Hercules. So I created a small theater troop with financial problems, the other players picked some of the members of the troop to run and we focused a couple of sessions on Norbert. And the theatre troop and their play became involved in the feud between the Baron Villemorin and Norbert's cousin Gaston, who is also a playwright. The players seem to enjoy the occasional opportunity to play a minor character. I suppose it gives them a break from their main characters. I  think it is also helpful as it gives the players a first hand understanding of the limitations of the rank and file sorts of people who make up most of the setting and who are neither heroes nor villains. 

Here is theater troupe of the Impresario Binet. 

Impressario – Producer and Director
(Elite Pawn) run by GM
Age: 50+
Bombastic personality: “I am Francois Binet…You may call me – Impresario!”
Daring -1       Savvy 1         Flair 2
Director 1      Producer 1     Lifeblood 4
Languages: French (N), Italian
Thrown object: 1d2 Dmg;
Maneuver: Persuade+2, Trick+1; Footwork+1; Ranged Attack+1

Salvatore Machiavelli – Playwright (Retainer 1)  run by Player B
Salvatore calls Norbert “a clumsy cyclops”
Might -1         Savvy 2         Ranged 1      Playwright 1*
Lifeblood 7    Composure 3 Advantage 1
Languages: Italian (N), French (F)
Boon: *Artistic (Bonus Die)
Flaw: Arrogant (Only Italians can truly understand the theater)
Knife: 1d3 Damage; +1 Called Shot; Thrown: Range 5’
Maneuver: Bladework+0; Footwork+2; Parry+2; Ranged Attack+3

Acton the Magnificent – Male Lead Actor (Green Pawn) run by Player B
Savvy -1        Flair 2            Actor 0        Lifeblood 1
Languages: French (N), Italian
Flaw: Braggert
Rapier: 1d6 Damage; +1 Parry
Maneuver: Persuade+2; Quick Cut+2; Cloak Parry+2

Gerta – Dutch Seamstress (Average Pawn) Age: 25, homely run by Player A
Might 1          Savvy 1         Seamstress 1    Cook 0       Lifeblood 3
Languages: Dutch (N), French
Scissors: 1d3+1 Dmg
Pot or pan: 1d6 Dmg
Butcher knife: 1d3+2 Dmg; Range: 5’; Called Shot +1
Maneuver: Bladework+0; Footwork+1, Grapple+1, Shove/Trip+1

Amelie – Ingénue (Average Pawn) Age: 16, small run by Player A
Might -1         Savvy 1         Flair 2          Actress 0         Lifeblood 1
Languages: French (N), Italian
Flaw: Hopeless Romantic
Thrown object: 1 Dmg;
Maneuver: Persuade+2, Trick+1; Footwork+1; Ranged Attack+1

Columbine – Female Lead
(Veteran Pawn) run by GM
Age: 29                                  NPC
Might -1         Savvy 1         Flair 2
Actress 1       Lifeblood 1
Languages: French (N), Italian
Thrown object: 1 Dmg;
Maneuver: Persuade+2, Trick+1; Footwork+1; Ranged Attack+1


Extras (Green Pawn)             NPCs run by GM
Daring -1       Flair 1            Defense 1
Actor 0          Lifeblood 1
Languages: French (N)
Thrown object: 1d2 Dmg;
Maneuver: Footwork+0; Ranged Attack+0

Rene Charpentier – Carpenter
(Average Pawn)  run by GM
Age: 45        NPC
Short, sinewy man with graying hair
Might 1          Daring -1       Melee 1
Carpenter 1    Lifeblood 3
Languages: French (N)
Hammer: 1d6 Dmg;
Maneuver: Hammer (+0)

Stagehands – (Green Pawn)  NPC run by GM
Brawl 1          Stagehand 0      Lifeblood 1
Languages: French (N)
Fist:  1d2 Dmg;
Hammer: 1d6 Dmg;
Maneuver: Brawling+1, Bludgeon+0

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