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Requiem for a Musketeer

Helias de Cedelhac

I used a black and white line drawing from the H+I rules for the character portrait for de Cedelhac.

King’s Musketeer (and Gascon) (SR 7)

Motivation: Endure Loss and Suffering

Location: Paris with the King’s Musketeers

Background: De Cedelhac is a Gascon and a King’s Musketeer. He is very proud of his Gascon heritage and honestly (and somewhat naively) believes that Gascons are the best and bravest warriors in all of France and thus, of course, of all the world.

SECRET: What is not known is that Cedelhac came to Paris after his father died and his family lost their lands. He sends what money he can to support his ailing mother who lives with relatives back in Gascony. The loss of the lands that have been in his family for generations is a constant and enduring pain and embarrassment. [Sadly the players never learned of Cedelhac's secret. Which is always a possibility in an RPG.]
Cedelhac was on guard duty with Lucien de Bourges in Adventure 04: On Guard. After their humiliation after the affair on the Pont Neuf, Helias de Cedelhac, Raymonde de Trebouchard, and Léonide de Termopillae sought revenge on Gaston Thibeualt. Cedelhac challenged Gaston to a duel. Gaston easily defeated and humiliated him, disarming him and breaking his sword, then wounding him in arm; Cedelhac holds a grudge, but knows he is not good enough to win against Gaston. At Termopillae’s urging, he helped to persuade the new Musketeer called Porthos to fight Gaston.

Cedelhac also resents Lucien who has cast veiled aspersions on his honor and who openly refuses to side with his fellow Musketeers against Gaston.

In Book 9: The Deadly Duke: Cedelhac again aids Termopillae in an attack on Gaston. Accompanied by 6 hired swords falsely dressed as King’s Musketeers the two try to arrest Gaston after his “duel” with the Vicomte le Limoncourte. Gaston refuses to surrender. He kills Cedelhac (single riposte for -9 LB), uses a stunt with clotheslines and bed-sheets to neutralize the Pawns, and frightens off Termopillae. 
Stat wise, Cedelhac is a standard NPC King's Musketeer from the H+I rules. As a bit of a change, I've given him the Italian style and he's chosen to master the Lunge. Which kind of fits with the sort of personality who would be prone to Gasconades and also with the sword and dagger fighting pose of his picture.
Daring 2               Flair 1              Melee 2                Defense 1
Soldier 1              Duelist 2                                      Retainer 3
Lifeblood 8          Advantage 2
Boons: Military Order: King’s Musketeers, Dueling Style: Italian; Flaws: Arrogant, Hot-Headed
Rapier: 1d6 Dmg, +1 Parry
Main-Gauche: 1d6 damage, +1 Bind, Disarm, and Sword Break
Maneuvers: Bladework+4, Lunge+4; Parry+2[3].

NPC in: L'Honneur et les Intrigues (Fictional)

26-JULY-2016 Update: Helias Cedelhac died recently. He made the fatal mistake of helping his fellow Musketeer, Termopillae one too many times. This time they tried to arrest Gaston Thibeault for dueling. Gaston chose not to be arrested. Which was too bad for Cedelhac. As has become his habit, Termopillae again ran away. He's becoming rather unpopular among the King's Musketeers.

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