Saturday, July 9, 2016

NPC of the Week: Romain Light-Fingers

On Friday I posted the floor plan and description for the Red Écu Tavern. Here's the sort of person who might be found there.

Romain Light Fingers

Crazy Beggar & Pick Pocket   (SR 1)

Location: Paris Underworld

Personality: Romain has been driven mad by fear and sights of things man was not meant to know.

Roleplaying: He refers to the creatures he encountered in the tunnels beneath the St. Nicolas Cemetery only as “Them.” Frantically asking if “They are coming” and for the people to save him “from Them.” He survived in the tunnels by eating earthworms and has now developed a taste for worms. He usually keeps a handful or two of earth and worms in his pockets. He is willing to share in return for help or even just kindly treatment. Although he has the knowledge to be a useful guide, he has no interest in risking another encounter with Them.
He frequents the  Red Écu Tavern nibbling earthworms and drinking cheap wine to try and forget.

Background: Romain Light Fingers was one of the teachers that the Cardinal's Guard known as Cobweb had when he was a young rogue in Paris. Later they lost touch.

First Encountered: Cobweb and Gaston found Romain crouching in terror and moaning in fear in an alcove of the tunnel complex below St. Nicolas Cemetery. Sometime before, Romain had escaped into the cemetery and found his way into the tunnels below in an effort to hide from the authorities. He was lost or trapped in the tunnels for several days. During that time he was driven mad with terror. He has seen Them and They have tormented but not actually harmed him. At the time, he was not teh sort of food that They found appetizing. 

Daring -1     Savvy 1       Flair 1            Defense 1      Thief 1
Lifeblood 6 Advantage 1                       Retainer
Flaw: Fear of “Them” - drinks to forget, Poor Health (-2 Lifeblood)
Dagger: 1d3+1 Dmg; 5’ Range; +1 Called Shot
Maneuvers: Dirty Fighting+1, Quick Cut+1; Feint+1, Footwork+1, Dodge, Parry+1, Riposte+1, Ranged Attack+1

Author: Gaston's Hat             NPC in: L'Honneur et les Intrigues (Fictional)

Using Romain Light-Fingers in your campaign.

I have intentionally left who or what They are unspecified. This is for two reasons. First, my players sometimes read this and so far they have not really seen Them, though there have been hints. Second, your might choose a different Them better suited for your campaign. It is possible that Romain is just insane and They don't even exist outside his own head.

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