Monday, July 25, 2016

A timely post on Pike Exercises

Pike Exercises by Michael Petard

Synchronicity is fun. While I was writing my last post, I struggled to find an image of pikeman that looked like something I could envision as the elite, house guards of a mad pretender or that had the color scheme matching the Valois coat of arms. I couldn't find anything very suitable.

Then yesterday when I posted, what do I see in my list of blogs but and update from Wars of Louis Quatorze with these great pictures of piqueirs (French Pikemen) by Michael Petard. Where was your fantastic art last week when I needed it, Monsieur Petard?

The pikeman on the right even has a bluish outfit. Conincidentally a couple of the PCs were nattering on (in their disguise as fops) about how much they just loved the helmets that guards were wearing. The fluffy plumes make that all seem to make sense.

Thank you Wars of Louis Quatorze and Michael Petard!

By the way, there appear to be quite a few other examples of Petard's art floating about the Internet. Definitely worth a look.

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