Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Why does Europe get cooler stuff?


Masquerouge is a comic by André Juillard. I've seen some pages from the comics on the web in French and in German, but nothing in English. The hero is a masked vigilante who uses a bow and arrow (like Robin Hood) and a rapier (like Zorror) to fight injustice...of some kind or another. It's tricky when you only have a few pictures and some dialog in a language you don't read. Masquerouge also has a hawk....because hawks are cool. Here's Masquerouge with trademark bow and arrow. 

Here is the cover of issue #2.
This is exactly what I want parts of Paris Below to look like. Even though the Paris catacombs weren't built until the 19th century, the mines that were turned into the catacombs have been around since long before the 17th century. And there are certainly plenty of ossuaries in the walls bordering cemeteries like Les Innocents.

Near as I can tell, the setting is 1624 France - the exact time and place of my H+I campaign. And the pictures are great. Look at the nice detail of the horse pistols and holsters in the top panel of the page.
I think that is Masquerouge's hawk in the bottom panel. In this next picture we see the hawk attacking. Why? Why not!

I want an English version of this comic. Or alternatively some sci-fi or magical way of easily and quickly learning other languages.

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