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Requiem for a Spanish Agent: Wolfaert Meijer

Wolfaert Meijer was one of the Villains that the heroes faced at the Siege of Bergen op Zoom. Meijer was a Spanish Agent, a spy and saboteur who was the mastermind behind several plots to bring about the fall of the town to the Spanish besiegers. Eventually he was killed by a hail of grapeshot fired from a cannon by the Foul Corsair (a former pirate). Meijer had already escaped capture several times, to the intense frustration of the PCs, and in the latest battle had dodged several musket and pistol shots. (The Near Miss rules work just as well for Villains as for Heroes.) So as the Corsair fired he shouted, "Dodge this!" Unfortunately for Meijer a hail of grapeshot is difficult to dodge and he was out of Fortune Points.

Rest in peace, Wulfaert Meijer.

Wolfaert Meijer     

Spanish Agent (SR 4)
Faction: Spanish
Location: Flanders and the Netherlands (Bergen op Zoom)
Description: Dark hair, hideously scarred face. When first encountered he will be wearing a red carnation. 
Background: Wolfaert Meijer is a former brigand - a robber, murderer, and rapist - who found the pay of a Spanish Agent to his liking. He is ruthless and will not hesitate to sacrifice his companions to save himself. 

Meijer was behind the attempt to blow up the towns powder magazine, a terror campaign of bombs, and the opening of a town gate to the Spanish. Unfortunately for Meijer and the Spanish, the defenders were aware of his plan to open the gate and had prepared an ambush for the attackers.
Meijer was killed by a hail of grapeshot fired from a bastion cannon by the Foul Corsair.

Meijer is a fictional character.

Might 3           Daring 1              Savvy 1           Flair 0

Brawl 2           Melee 2               Ranged 1         Defense 0

Brigand 2        Spy2

Lifeblood 14   Advantage 3        Fortune 3

Language: Dutch (N), Spanish (F), French

Boon: Hard to Kill, Herculean Might, Night Sight

Flaws: Unsettling and Distinctive Appearance (scar from upper right forehead, bisecting the nose and down to his left jaw)

Broadsword: 1d6+4 Dmg; +1 Beat
Dagger: 1d3+4 Damage; Range 5'; +1 Called Shot 

Wheelock Pistols (2): 1d6+1 Dmg; Range: 10’, Misfire: 2

Maneuvers: Bladework+3, Disarm+5; Beat+5[6], Bind+5; Parry+3; Aim Shot (Bonus Die to attack), Ranged Attack+2

Meijer was aided by two gangs of Pawns.

Hired Swords (Competence 2)
Daring 1          Melee 1               Ranged -1        Defense 1
Duelist 0          Language: Dutch (N)
Rapier: 1d6 Dmg; +1 Parry
Bladework+2; Parry+2

Brigands (Competence 2)
Daring 1          Ranged 1
Brigand 0        Language: Dutch (N)
Wheelock Pistol: 1d6+1 Dmg; Range: 10’, Misfire: 2
Hanger sword: 1d6 Dmg; +1 Quick Cut damage
Bladework+1, Quick Cut+0; Parry+0; Ranged Attack+1

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