Sunday, June 12, 2016

Random Bird Chart

I like random tables. A lot. And while I am not alone in that, this guy kind of takes the cake.

Just for the heck of it, I ran the numbers to get the probability for any specific bird to be encountered.

50.00% 50.00%   Nothing
  Solitary Birds

0.83%   Vale magpie

0.83%   Black-eared Wheatear

0.83%   Atvian magpie

0.83%   Stonethrush

0.83%   Ring Ouzel

0.83%   Atvian Jay

0.83%   Atvian Oriole

0.83%   Spotted Nutcracker

0.83%   Spotted Jay

0.83%   Red-black Shrike

0.83%   Isabell's Shrike

0.83%   Stone Chough
  Small Songbirds

1.25%   Atvian Wren

1.25%   Cathadrian Lark

1.25%   Citril Finch

1.25%   West Wall Accentor

1.25%   Shoe-toed Lark

1.25%   Common Starling

1.25%   Elvish Nuthatch

1.25%   Atvian Reed-Warbler

1.67%   Short-toed Snake Eagle

1.67%   Bearded Vulture

1.67%   Griffon Vulture

1.67%   Tawny Owl

1.67%   Atvian Sparrowhawk

1.67%   Elvish Owl

2.50%   Black-bellied Sandgrouse

2.50%   Pin-tailed Sandgrouse

2.50%   Chukar Partridge

2.50%   Hazel Grouse
  Strange Birds

2.50%   Atvian Curlew

2.50%   Water Pipit

2.50%   Wallcreeper

2.50%   Cuckoo
100.00% 100.00%   Total

I suspect the odds aren't intended to represent actual frequency in the wild, e.g. encountering an Elvish Owl is twice as likely as encountering either a Jay. or a Nutcracker and the four most likely birds are in fact the "Strange Birds" - which would make them rather common rather than strange. I expect the author wanted to make a ratio of more interesting birds available for the PC who was looking for an animal friend.

A list like this would have been really useful in my old Runequest campaigns. Both for hunters and for Rune-level characters who were looking for birds for familiars. If I were to use this list, I'd add in crows and ravens -scavengers that flock are the most notable (to me) gap in the tables. I don't know that I'll find a use for these in my Honor+Intrigue game, but in any event, I admire the effort and I'll definitely save these tables to my Runequest folder.

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