Friday, June 3, 2016

It ain't pretty...

...but it's usable.

I was going to do a post on Da Vinci's plans for a calculator, but that will have to wait. In my current campaign (May/June 1624) the players have been investigating the handcarts pushed by some raggedy men that transported some huge rats from the sewers to the granaries around Paris. Their search led them to the basement of Bon Robert's tavern - a seedy little spot north of Les Halles market. I find describing rooms for players to map over Skype is more difficult than I recall it being long ago when we did cave and dungeon exploration in D&D and Runequest. So periodically I give the players a version of what they have explored. Since they may revisit the sewers this weekend, I wanted to post a players version map for their use. So here it is.

It looks a little odd because I snipped bits from my GM's map and left out the areas e.g. behind the iron door, that have not been investigated. The 3D image of the block is from the 1615 Merian map of Paris.

EDIT: Let's try uploading the picture directly.

Download Map

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