Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Mad Bomber: Kurt van der Gost

Kurt van der Gost is a Catholic fanatic. He worked in Bergen op Zoom under the direction of Wolfaert Meijer. The first time he was encountered he was nicknamed "the crazy man" as he ranted and raved and was willing to blow his enemies and himself to kingdom come. 

Kurt van der Gost

Faction: Ultramontanist Catholic, Spanish
Location: Last seen in jail in Bergen op Zoom awaiting trial for murder and treason.

Appearance: A thin man with a scraggly beard and a crazed gleam in his eyes.
Tagline: "I am ready to meet my maker. Are you, heretic?" 
Background: van der Gost is an Alchemist and Catholic Fanatic who has specialized in the creation of explosives and clockwork timers.

Savvy 2               Flair -1
Clockmaker 2      Alchemist 2        
Lifeblood 8      Advantage 1        Retainer
Language: Dutch (N), Spanish, Latin
Boon: Jack of all Trades
Flaws: Zealot (he would gladly kill or die for the Catholic cause)
Wheelock Pistol: 1d6+1 Dmg; Range: 10’, Misfire: 2
Parry+2; Ranged Attack+2

Below are some of the alchemical and clockwork devices created by van der Gost.

Clockwork Bomb (3)
tikka tokka tikka tokka tikka tokka BOOM!
Clockwork delayed wheelock ignition mechanism; exploding bomb does 5d6 damage; as a grenade, incendiary bomb does 1d6 damage per round from burning oil & pitch and ignites flammables. With bomb making Workshop, can create one new bomb every 2 days, without the lab can create 1/10 days.
Drugged Beer: Sleep inducer (ingested, gives 2d6 hours very sound sleep, 6-12 doses)
Flash Bomb (2): anyone within (10’ day/30’ night) radius who looks at flash is Blind[1] for 1d3 rounds; all who look at flash within double the radius have a penalty die for 1 round.
Smoke Grenade (2): dense smoke, (10’ day/30’ night) anyone inside or looking inside has effect as if Blind.

The Mad Bomber is a skilled alchemist and inventor. He uses traps to protect himself and his workshop and to bring fear and mayhem to unbelievers and heretics.
Ordinary: 1d3+1 Damage; -2 Difficulty to find and disarm.
Examples: Clockwork Handcrossbow
Flash: No Damage; Powerful Flash of gunpowder causes Blindness for 2d3 rounds; ‑2 Difficulty to find and disarm.:
Elaborate: 1d6+1 Damage; -4 Difficulty to find and disarm.
Examples: Wheelock Pistol, Acid Sprayer
Fiendish: 4d6 Grenade Damage; -2 Difficulty to find and disarm.
Example: Clockwork Bomb

[1] Blind: A combatant who is completely blind is At a Loss and has a Penalty Die to all rolls. Ranged attacks have an additional -4 penalty, and ranged attacks beyond close range are impossible.

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