Thursday, February 11, 2016

NPCs from the Strange Stone's Blog

Just a quick post today. I happened across a new blog the other day called Strange Stones and I noticed the author had posted some NPCs to use as "potential allies (or antagonists)." The characters are from a fictional setting, but as it is a "fantasy Spain" it should be useful. Sadly it doesn't look like any other posts were made on the fictional world of Oriad.

In my campaign, the players recently infiltrated a secret society of Spanish sympathizers so some more Spanish NPCs may come in handy. Coincidentally, I included masked assassins as minions of the Red Brotherhood - which itself was taken from a Flashing Blades adventure. I like the the two assassins that this person created so I can definitely use them.

I find it interesting to look at the NPCs that other people create. It's one of the reasons I buy published adventures even if I don't run them. Seeing other people's NPCs sometimes gives me someone I can use. And it gives me a different slant on designing characters using a given system.

So here is a link to The Duke's War.

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