Sunday, February 21, 2016

Item: Double-barreled Wheellock Pistol

Here's a handy little item. A double-barreled wheellock pistol. In length it looks like it is the size of a pocket pistol or what was sometimes called a mazzagato. You can see that both wheellocks are on the right side. The rear wheel has drops the hammer towards the muzzle. The forward wheel drops the hammer towards the pistol butt.

Honor+Intrigue includes multi-barrel firearms under the rules for craftsmen creating specialty devices. A multi-barrel gun is an uncommon device.

A Firearm with multiple barrels (Every 2 barrels the weapon has
gives it a -1 penalty to hit with every shot, up to a maximum of 10
barrels for a -5 penalty. Each barrel requires the standard reload
time separately. You can fire the barrels all at once if you choose,
either taking out multiple pawns in a group, or adding +1 damage
to the base for each bullet that hits a single target after the first).

From Honor+Intrigue: Inventions & Contraptions for Craftsmen & Scholars page 189.

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