Thursday, February 4, 2016

NPC of the Week: A Slippery Spy

Le  Serpent started as a random encounter as part of a roll with Rory's Story Dice that turned up a spy and some rolling on the Mythic GameMaster Emulator. My wife was kind enough to play Le Serpent (who at that time didn't have a name) and did such a great job that he ended up with Silver Tongue based on her inspired heart attack trick and the name Le Serpent based on his wriggly attempts to escape and his slippery personality. Afterwards he was recruited by Guy de Bourges as a trusted companion (one of the Boons in H+I).

Le Serpent

Slippery Spy                       (SR 5)

Location: Lyon.

Le Serpent, his birth name is unknown, is an accomplished spy, trickster, and liar. He is first encountered in Lyon in the Scene: Le Serpent or a Spy Espied when he captured by Gaston while he is working as a spy for the Masked Noble. 

First encountered by Gaston in Adventure 10.5: A Quiet Walk Home. Le Serpent now works for Guy de Bourges as his man in Lyon – the beginning of Guy's own network of spies.

Savvy 2           Defense 2        Spy 2

Lifeblood 8      Advantage 1     Retainer 2

Boon: Silver tongue

Flaw: Uncultured (can only speak French – "I'm not a linguist")

Dagger: 1d3+1 Dmg; 5' range, +1 Called Shots

Cloak +1 Feint, Bind

Maneuvers: Bladework+0, Dirty Trick+0; Footwork+2; Dodge, Parry+2, Riposte+2

Author: Gaston’s Hat      NPC in: L'Honneur et les Intrigues (Fiction)

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