Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bonus NPC of the Week: Crispin du Villette

Crispin du Villette

Deadly Duelist            (SR 5)

Location: Lyon.

Crispin du Villette is a duelist from Lyon. He is both hot-tempered and a hopeless romantic. He is currently carrying on a torrid love affair with "Bette" the wife of the Chevalier de Savelborn, who is carrying on an affair of his own. Crispin is now low on funds as he has totally ignored his 'business' while heedlessly pursuing his romance. 

First encountered by Gaston in Adventure 10.3: A Quiet Walk Home. He was accused of murdering his mistress' husband, the Chevalier de Savelborn, but he was freed when the PCs (Guy, Lucien, Gaston, Fr. Signoret) uncovered the real murdered – Rolf d'Ehlerange the Masked Noble. Crispin is grateful to the PCs for proving his innocence.

Daring 2          Flair 1
Melee 2           Defense 1
Soldier 1          Duelist 2
Lifeblood 8      Advantage 1        Retainer 3
Languages: French (N), +1 Slot

Boon: Dueling Style (French), Maneuver Mastery
Flaw: Hopeless Romantic, Hot-Tempered
Rapier: 1d6 Dmg; +1 Parry
*Cloak +1 Feint, Bind
Maneuver: Bladework+4, Lunge+3, Quick Cut+3; Feint (BD+3), Footwork+2; Cloak Parry+3, Dodge, Parry+2[3], Riposte+2; Ranged Attack+0

Author: Gaston's Hat     NPC in: L'Honneur et les Intrigues (Fiction)

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