Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day

I recently realized today is Leap Day. That seems like a perfect opportunity to create an adventure based on the Calendar changes and differences in the period. For example, the English were still using the outdated Julian Calendar until the mid 18th century while the Catholic world had switched to the more accurate Gregorian Calendar.back in the 16th century. So France and England have different dates for the same events.

Maybe Leap Day, since it doesn't exist in most years, is a particularly perfect day to cross over to the Other Side. The veil between worlds might be weaker on a sometimes non-existent day.

Perhaps Leap Day allows actions that might not otherwise succeed to have a chance to succeed. Perhaps some powers (of good or evil) have no power on that one day. Or prophecies or geases can be avoided or gotten around on that day.

Or maybe Church and the Scholars are all wrong and Leap Day doesn't really exist. Any actions performed on that day are only a sort of dream or shadow of reality with no permanence.

But instead of writing up those ideas in greater detail, my wife and I are buying a new car today. So I leave you with these bare bones ideas while I go spend money.

Happy Leap Day

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