Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Strange Stones at North Texas RPG Con

Over on his Strange Stones blog the venomous pao announced that he is running two games of Barbarians of Lemuria (Mythic Edition, with a chunk of love from Honor + Intrigue) for this year’s North Texas RPG Con. I've never been to the Con but the mention of Honor+Intrigue peaked my interest. But then tvp goes on to say that the setting is "my Clark Ashton Smith inspired, not-quite-Averoigne, medieval-ish, France-esque setting known as Plonesse" so not only H+I but France (well almost France). The two adventures sound interesting. The first sounds like it may be a bit of a dungeon crawl in the sewers beneath the city of Yllons, but with an interesting frame story. The frame sounds like a great set up for a 1-shot adventure for a con. The second has the PCs reacting to some suitably vague and ambiguous prophecy of doom provided by a dark and spooky forest dwelling Sybil. 

And there is an attractive hex map for the local region. It seems to have just about the right level of detail to allow orientation without exhaustive detail.

A few minor mapping quibbles: I'd have preferred names for the castle, 2 villages, and 4 bridges shown on the map and the main road between the two cities should possibly be marked so that, among other things, it is clear which river bank the road is on in each hex. Though that might be something PCs who haven't traveled the road before would be expected to discover during play.

Sadly, I doubt that I will have the opportunity to attend the Con, but I eagerly await what else tvp will post about the adventures and setting. For more about Plonesse, blurbs for the two adventures, and con information check out the venomous pao's Strange Stones BoL at NTRPGCon 2017 post.

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