Thursday, March 9, 2017

As I was preparing my post on wheellocks I came across this post on Dariusz caballeros featuring a fancy wheellock hunting rifle from 1610. I thought it made a nice follow up to yesterday's post on the wheellock mechanism.

The gun features some very pretty engraving. The gunlock plate is adorned with a fight scene showing Polish winged hussar cavalry armed with lances and bows pursuing pistol-armed Western style reiter cavalrymen.

This gun was made by one of the master craftsmen from the Silesian town of Cieszyn/Teschen, famous since the Middle Ages for their intricately made gun, rifles, pistols and combined weapons. It was one of two guns made for the Polish monarch Sigismund III circa AD 1610. 

Something like this is perfect for ostentatious PCs. It's a it's it's a gun....

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