Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Pit

The pit is an underground illegal, no-holds barred, pit fighting arena. The fighting pit is in a sub-basement of an abandoned building in a poor part of Paris between the Porte St. Denis and the Porte Mont-Marthe so The Pit is underground in both senses of the word. A drain in the floor of the sub-basement connects to a brick-lined tunnel that connects to a feeder drain tunnel off the main Montmartre Sewer tunnel.

In a previous post I mentioned the Paris crime lord known as La Bus, the Buzzard. For various reasons, the PCs ended up at odds with La Bus and his gang, the Buzzards. One of the PCs ended up being handed over to the crime lord to use as a fighter in the underground, no holds barred, fighting pit that La Bus and his gang run. So I needed a fighting pit location that would work for the Early Modern period (specifically the 1620s). I tried trolling the Internet and I found this (sadly I don't recall where the picture was from).

It was inspiring, but not exactly what I wanted. So I created something more to my needs in Power Point.
Upper Level
Lower Level (Players' View)
Lower Level (GM View)

For the actual play session I added markers in Power Point for the initial location for the guards and the various NPCs in the audience. Colors indicate factions. Numbers denote Pawns. Letters generally denote Retainers.

 Upper Level (with NPC locations for actual play)

Download The Pit

Go to Adventure Double Header which has stats for La Bus and his gang.

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