Thursday, July 9, 2015

Adventure Double Header – Two Adventures for the Price of One

The Curia funds of the Archbishop of Paris have gone missing. It is possible one of the Curia members is involved and suspicion is rampant. Meanwhile, someone has been embezzling the funds from the Bishop's Club, a prestigious gentleman's club in Paris. If the criminal is not stopped soon, the club may go bankrupt.

For today's post, I thought I would provide an adventure for Honor+Intrigue. It is set in a more or less historical Paris in the 1620s. It would not be difficult to change the adventure to a different place or time so long as there is some analog for Churches with Curias that support and advise their bishop or archbishop and so long as there are some sort of club or organization that can function as an analog to a gentleman's club. Technically gentlemen's clubs didn't exist in the Paris of the 1620s, but Flashing Blades included them and if they are good enough for Mark Pettigrew or Mike, "Black Vulmea" they are good enough for me. 

This is a double adventure consisting of two connected adventures in one. The first is The Case of the Curious Cleric. The second is The Case of the Criminal Clubman. As you might surmise, the two adventures are mysteries that must be investigated rather than problems that will fall to a brave heart and a strong right arm. The adventures are related and one may easily lead into the other. Enterprising investigators may be hired to solve one crime and may succeed in solving both.

This adventure includes 16 named NPCs as well as a gang of unnamed Paris thugs. It is freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License. For the text and terms of the license, see below or the Creative Commons web site:

Download Adventure Double Header – Two Adventures for the Price of One

Go to The Buzzard's Nest, the headquarters for La Bus and his gang. (Available 10JUL)

Go to The Pit, a location for La Bus and his gang. (Available 12JUL)


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