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Le Hérisson Argent Taverne

Le Hérisson Argent Taverne (The Silver Hedgehog Tavern) is a large tavern in Lyon, conveniently located between the docks and the market, it is in a slightly seedy part of town and many toughs, swords-for-hire, and thieves frequent it as well as a few nobles who want to sample the wild side of life. Rumors hint that the owner, Lenault Hivernoir, has a silent partner...possibly someone with ties to the Lyon underworld.

Lower Level – Map and Key

        Scale –is in units of four feet (4').
a      Light – the single yellow circles indicated oil lanterns or candles. Lights on the tables are tallow candles, those on pillars are brass oil lanterns.
c      Chandelier – the four chandeliers each have six oil lamps.
  1. Stairs lead down from the steeply sloping street to the tavern entrance. The tavern is in a high-ceilinged cellar.
  2. Foyer – there are two burly bouncers armed with clubs stationed in the foyer.
    • Straight ahead a stair leads up to 7 – The Balcony.
    • To the left is the entrance to 6 – The Tap Room.
    • To the right, behind a heavy leather curtain, is 3 ‑ The Dining Room.
  3. The Dining Room has seating for 100; the room is well lit by four oil burning chandeliers. A heavy leather curtain keeps out any drafts from the outside door.
    • A stair leads up to 7 – the Balcony.
    • A second leather curtain on the opposite side of the room separates diners from 6 – the Tap Room.
    • A large rectangular fire pit separates the Dining Room from 4 – The Kitchen.
    • Heavy oak doors open to a ramp that leads down to a lower cellar where ale and wine are stored.
  4. The Kitchen is the warmest area in the tavern. A large rectangular fire pit separates the Kitchen from the Dining Room. Most days an entire ox turns slowly on a spit along with chicken, duck, and geese. Various cuts of meat or fish can be toasted on iron skewers. A cook, a spit boy, and a scullery maid work here.
  5. The Bar – the owner and two assistant bartenders pour drinks for the entire tavern. The bar is standing room only. A heavy iron bound, locked chest beneath the stairs has a slit in the top for coins and acts as a safe. Three bouncers are usually stationed near the Bar or in the Tap Room.
  6. The Tap Room has seating for 40 with standing room for double that. The Tap Room is the darkest room in the tavern since most of the light from the chandeliers is blocked by the overhanging balcony and the heavy leather curtains. Tallow candles and oil lamps provide the light.

Upper Level – Map and Key

  1. The Balcony – a stair leads down to the Foyer.
    • Including the private booths, the Balcony seats 92 (including 38 people in the booths) with standing tables overlooking the balcony for another 15 people.
    • Tables and benches provide seating overlooking the 3 – The Dining Room and 4 – The Hearth.
    • The back of The Balcony has half a dozen or so booths for patrons who desire more privacy. The booths are closed by a heavy leather curtain. One, number 9, is special and has its own entry.
    • The right wall of the Balcony has a door that leads out to a Traboule. This door is kept barred with a bouncer on the inside. Patrons wishing to use this door to enter give a distinctive knock; if they then pass a visual inspection (through the sliding slit peep hole) the bouncer opens the door. To exit, a patron needs to get a small wooden token from a server indicating his bill is paid. Present that to the bouncer and he will open the door; (there is a clay pot by the pillar in which the tokens are deposited after use.)
      The Three Windows all have glass and shutters.
    • The window in area 8 is in a window well, below street level. A heavy metal grate is locked over the well for security.
    • The middle window overlooks the entrance and is slightly above street level.
    • The window towards the back of the balcony is too high to reach from the street due to the slope of the street.
  2. Four Chandeliers – each chandelier hangs from a rope looped through a heavy iron ring affixed to a ceiling beam. Ropes are used to lower the chandeliers to light, extinguish, or refill the oil lamps. The ropes can also be used to swing on or to drop a chandelier.
    • The ropes are tied off on brackets attached to the pillars labeled e and f.
  3. Hidden Exit – there is private exit to one of Lyon's many traboules. This leads through several passages to the Place du Sang. The door is locked with a heavy skeleton-key type lock. The door can also be barred from the inside – heavy metal brackets are sunk into the door posts and a heavy bar leans against the wall next to the door. Although not a secret door, the door is concealed behind one of the heavy leather curtains that screen the other balcony booths.
    • The staff know about the door; they will not seat guests there, guiding them to a different booth or table.
    • Certain customers are said to have their own key.
    • On the player's map, this room appears to be a normal balcony booth.

Silver Hedgehog Tavern Description

The Hérisson Argent Tavern (Silver Hedgehog Tavern) is located in one of the more run down areas of the Saint Georges Quarter amidst the many traboules – the corridors through buildings and their courtyards that form a network of galleries, spiral staircases, and secret passageways.

The tavern is located in a cellar and is a meeting place for unsavory characters and unscrupulous deals.

Staff: Tavernkeep – Lenault Hivernoir (SR 4) is a male aged 44 (see stats below). Most nights he is assisted by a cook, a spit boy, a scullery maid, 6 servers, 2 bartenders, and 2 Burly Hedgehog Bouncers.

NPCs Present: (24) 2 minstrels, 5 Beggars, 8 Commoners, 6 Shady Characters, and Gabriel Deverell a money-lender and one of the chiefs of the Lyon Underworld.

Today's Specials: Roasted ox, wild duck, Burgundian wine

Atmosphere: (Loud)

Drink up! There's another keg on its way! A party is in full swing, with strangers and friends alike sharing tales, beer or wine, and merriment.

Silver Hedgehog Occupant Table

1         1D3 Burly Hedgehog Bouncers – Retainer 2
2         Beggars – Pawn 2 (Average)
3         Brigand Leader – Retainer Level 2
4         Brigands – Pawn 2 (Average)
5         Brutes – Pawn 2 (Average)
6         Charlatan – Pawn 2
7         Cutpurses – Pawn 3 (Veteran)
8         Deadly Duelist – Retainer Level 3
9         Gambler – Retainer Level 3
10      Highwayman – Retainer Level 3
11      Hired Swords – Pawn 2 (Average)
12      Fortuneteller – Pawn 2
13      Musicians – Pawn 2
14      Ruffian – Pawn 3 (Veteran)
15      Swordsman – Retainer Level 2
16      Tavern Brawlers – Pawn 2 (Average)
17      Thieves – Pawn 2 (Average)
18      Townsfolk – Pawn 1 (Green)
19      Roll once on the Lyon Named NPC Table
20      Roll twice and combine the results.

 Silver Hedgehog Occupant NPC Stats
  1. Burly Hedgehog Bouncers (6) – Retainer 2
    Might 2       Daring 1      Savvy -1
    Brawl 2       Ranged -1    Defense 1
    Ruffian 1     Pugilist 1
    Fist: 1d2+2 Dmg;
    Truncheon: 1d6+1 Dmg; +5' range;
  2. Beggars – Pawn 2 (Average)
    Beggars, often maimed, who live on the sympathy and charity of others.
    Might -1      Savvy 1       Flair 1            Thief 1
    Dagger 1d3 Dmg;
  3. Brigand Leader – Retainer Level 2
    Might 1       Daring 1      Savvy 1         Flair -1
    Melee 1       Ranged 1
    Brigand 2
    Lifeblood 8                      Advantage 1
    Boon: Hard to Kill
    Flaw: Lumbering
    Maneuvers: Bladework, Parry, Riposte
    Broadsword: 1d6+2 Dmg; +1 Beat
    Wheel-Lock Pistols (x2): 1d6+1 Dmg; 10' range,
  4. Brigands – Pawn 2 (Average)
    Robbers who prey on the weak, seeking to exact tribute.
    Might 1       Melee 1       Brigand 0
    Hanger sword: 1d6+1 Dmg; Quickcut +1
  5. Brutes – Pawn 2 (Average)
    Big, burly toughs who enjoy a good dust-up.
    Might 2       Savvy -1      Brawl 1         Pugulist 0
    Fist: 1d2+2 Dmg
    Chair or Bottle: 1d6+1 Dmg
  6. Charlatan – Pawn 2
    A con-man and trickster is skilled in deception and lives on the gullibility and greed of his marks.
    Might -1      Daring -1     Savvy 1         Flair 1
    Defense 1    Charlatan 1
    Dagger 1d3 Dmg
  7. Cutpurses – Pawn 3 (Veteran)
    Veteran pickpockets and cut purses.
    Might -1      Savvy 1       Melee 1         Thief 2
    Dagger 1d3 Dmg
  8. Deadly Duelist – Retainer Level 3 (PC picture #14)
    Daring 2      Flair 1          Melee 2         Defense 1
    Soldier 1      Duelist 2
    Lifeblood 8                      Advantage 1
    Boon: Dueling Style (Choose either French*, Spanish,
    or Italian**), Maneuver Mastery
    Flaw: Arrogant, Hot-Tempered
    French Maneuvers: Bladework, Feint, Cloak Parry, Riposte
    Italian Maneuvers: Bladework, Lunge, Bind; Stop-Thrust
    Spanish Maneuvers: Bladework, Quick Cut, Dodge, Riposte
    Rapier: 1d6 Dmg; +1 Parry
    *Cloak +1 Feint, Bind
    **Main Gauche 1d6 Dmg; +1 Bind, Disarm, & Sword Break
  9. Gambler – Retainer Level 3
    Gamblers use the pretense of a game to separate fools from their money.
    Savvy 1           Flair 2
    Melee 1           Ranged 1             Defense 1
    Gambler 2       Duelist 1
    Lifeblood 8      Advantage 1        Fortune 2
    Boon: Favored by Fortune*
    Flaw: Greed
    Rapier: 1d6 Dmg; +1 Parry
    Small Flint-lock Pistol: 1d6+1 Dmg; 5' range
  10. Highwayman – Retainer Level 3
    In town to sell his blunder or to pick up leads for the next job. He may be a member of Matt's Marauders.
    Daring 1      Savvy 1       Flair 1
    Melee 1       Ranged 1     Defense 1
    Lifeblood 8                      Advantage 1
    Boon: Beguiling, Landlubber
    Rapier: 1d6 Dmg; +1 Parry
    Wheel-lock Pistols (x2): 1d6+1 Dmg
  11. Hired Swords – Pawn 2 (Average)
    Bravos hired to fight on someone else’s behalf; usually as part of some criminal enterprise.
    Daring 1      Melee 1       Ranged -1      Defense 1      Duelist 0
    Protection: 1d3 (Buff coat)
    Rapier: 1d6 Dmg; +1 Parry
  12. Fortuneteller – Pawn 2
    Skilled in deception, the fortune teller lives on the gullibility of his marks.
    Might -1      Daring -1     Savvy 1         Flair 1
    Astrologer 1                    Charlatan 1
    Dagger 1d3 Dmg
  13. Musicians – Pawn 2
    Singers, musicians, and troubadours who entertain and seek fame through their art, though they are not above use their art  over direct confrontation.
    Might -1      Daring -1     Flair 1           
    Defense 1    Musician 2
    Dagger 1d3 Dmg
  14. Ruffian – Pawn 3 (Veteran)
    Might 1       Daring 1      Savvy -1
    Brawl 1       Melee 1       Ranged -1      Ruffian 1
    Hanger: 1d6 Dmg; +1 Quick Cut
    Dagger: 1d3+1 Dmg; +5' range; +1 called shot
  15. Swordsman – Retainer Level 2
    Daring 2      Melee 1       Defense 1
    Duelist 2
    Lifeblood 8                      Advantage 1
    Boon: Maneuver Mastery
    Flaw: Braggart
    Maneuvers: Bladework, Parry, Riposte
    Rapier: 1d6 Dmg; +1 Parry
  16. Tavern Brawlers – Pawn 2 (Average)
    Tough tavern patrons who enjoy a good dust-up.
    Might 1       Savvy -1      Brawl 1         Ruffian 0
    Fist: 1d2+1 Dmg
    Chair or Bottle: 1d6 Dmg
  17. Thieves – Pawn 2 (Average)
    Criminals who prefer to use stealth over direct confrontation.
    Might -1      Savvy 1       Melee 1         Thief 1
    Dagger 1d3 Dmg
  18. Townsfolk – Pawn 1 (Green)
    Ordinary townsfolk.
    Career 1
    Fists: 1d2 Dmg
    Knives: 1d3 Dmg


The sign was one I found on the Internet (unfortunately I can't seem to relocate it to credit it) and then added the name of the inn. The tavern map was one I heavily modified from here.

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