Friday, July 10, 2015

Buzzards’ Nest

When my players were running through the Adventure Double Header, they decided to raid headquarters of Jean "La Buse" Orande and his gang. They were trying to find the person who witnessed the murders of Brian Chastel's family. For some reason, they thought that person was kept prisoner by La Bus' gang. So I needed a gang hideout. In this period, the area in Paris near the Porte St. Denis and around the Couvent Les Filles-Dieu – convent of the Daughters of God was an area frequented by beggars and criminals. Just the place for the Buzzard's Nest. ‘The Nest’ is a townhouse located in a poor part of Paris close to the Couvent Les Filles-Dieu near the Porte Saint Denis. Here's the neighborhood.

The Couvent or Convent is denoted C20 on the Paris Map. The Townhouse located on the lower right corner of the Convent's block (or anywhere else the GM finds convenient). The Townhouse is overgrown with ivy giving it a picturesque and neglected look.

I found this mansion at Jared Blando's site, The Red Epic.

Then made I made some modifications to better suit it for a Hôtel, the Paris town houses occupied by noble families, as opposed to a mansion or chateau out in the country. Over the centuries as the city grew and changed a number of noble town houses were abandoned by their owners. I decided that the Buzzard's nest was one of those. I added a courtyard wall, indicated the heights of walls, roofs, and chimneys, and added a roof floor plan marking several chimneys in case the players wanted to do a Santa Claus infiltration. I then had to add additional chimneys to the floor plans. It seemed pretty cold as was. I also added a kitchen and tweaked some rooms and added room numbers. Which resulted in this version.

Then I added a map key using the room numbers so I would know who was where when the players entered.

Upper Floor

  1. Guard Post overlooks front door.
  2. Upper Hall old paintings with graffiti.
  3. Jeannie Artois’ Room.
  4. Upper Tower Room – this is where the witness is kept with Jeannie as a protector.
  5. Bernard’s Room.
  6. Philippe’s Room, he shares this with his Moll Fran.
  7. Garden Sitting Room with open windows.
  8. Servants’ Room: cook, scullery boy, and several house maids who double as bed warmers and sleep elsewhere.
  9. Council Room – two Bodyguards usually relax here in the daytime.
  10. Room for La Buse’s (4) Bodyguards.
  11. La Buse’s Room, he shares it with his Moll Evilyn.
  12. Tower Battlement: it is reached by a trapdoor and ladder from Upper Tower Room #4. Several merlon stones are worn, missing, or loose.
  13. Basement: it is reached by a trapdoor and ladder down from the Kitchen Room #18.

Ground Floor

  1. Front Foyer: (2) Tavern Brawlers act as Porters; the Stairs lead up to Guard Post #1.
  2. Entry Hall – (1) Lieutenant and (4) Brigands are on duty as a ready reaction force.
  3. Connecting Room to Tower. This is used as an armory for the Gang.
  4. Ground Floor of Tower – old furniture and junk are stored here. Stairs go up to Upper Tower Room #4.
  5. Kitchen- Cook & Scullery Maid
  6. Dining Hall – also doubles as a hangout for idle gang members.
  7. Back Foyer with exit to Rear Courtyard.
  8. Rear Courtyard – has fountain for water, trellis with overgrown ivy, and rotting wooden stables overgrown with vines.
  9. Old Library – now it is a barracks for (6) Tavern Brawlers
  10. Study – barracks for (6) Thieves
  11. Old Chapel – now used as barracks for (8) Brigands. It tends to be smoky as it is heated with several charcoal braziers.

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