Friday, October 30, 2015

The King is Dead

This recent post from Wine and Savages linked to an announcement for the release of a new game, "The King is Dead." Set in the 18th century, probably the late 18th century as it seems more steampunk than clockpunk, the game is "a Savage Worlds setting of intrigue and horror. In an 18th century much like our own, a coalition of secret societies wages a guerilla war to overthrow an aristocracy of vampires. With the law against them, the heroes become outlaws, striking from the shadows as they work to rally the people against their oppressors."

Although "The King is Dead" is set at least a century later than my H+I campaign, it looks like it would have some interesting detail for anyone wanting to run a vampire hunters H+I game. The stats in Savage World are similar enough to H+I that adapting shouldn't be too difficult. I picked up the Savage World of Solomon Kane and the Savage Worlds version of a bunch of the Regime Diabolique stuff to give me more supernatural background elements from the former and additional detail on the reign of Louis XIII for the latter and didn't find much difficulty in adapting. The game is set to release next summer, so if you are thinking of running an H+I game focused on vampire hunters this may be a good acquisition for you.


  1. Funny enough, when I originally conceived of the setting, I thought about dual-statting it for H+I. Maybe I'll have to return to that thought.

    1. I don't know how much extra effort or cost that would add, but it would up the odds that I'd buy it. :-)